Err… REALLY?? How Dishonest Can Big Pharma Get?!!

As The Pope slams pharmaceutical companies, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was again confronted by a protestor regarding her huge Big Pharma donations.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. If the poor African countries don't get the vax, it might become apparent that herd immunity will show they're unnecessary – as Burundi and Tanzania were, before their presidents were taken out..

  2. Keep up the good work Russ, I think it’s disgusting that our big pharma companies are choosing ‘once again’ profit over people, but that’s nothing new and sadly things won’t change until profit starts massively affecting the majority

  3. I also noticed something else regarding this noncomprehension issue I was communicating on in your other video…. You seem to try to resolve this through elocution in attempted impingement….. Whilst I do find this entertaining, a little lower vocabulary might meet the semi-literacy of contemporary audiences.

  4. Ach shut up Russel, you have an opinion, you are an opinionated man. Although i completely agree with the statement you made: "I am not qualified to have an opinion"
    Wish i heard that more often. Anyway.. Perhaps you, in your position. It's wisest to not have an opinion. 😉

  5. The reason there are no claw-back clauses is because if there were, they wouldn't pay the massive under-the-table sums which various Politicians and others have been receiving.
    If the politicians were NOT involved, they WOULD have included such clauses and they WOULD examine the financials of the Big Pharma in forensic detail.
    It doesn't happen for the same reason that nobody (honestly) examines the relationships between Global companies and Political influence.

  6. This push to make the poorest countries have vaccines is going to blow up in our faces. Things as they are now they are being saved from the great reset. Only, the vaccine companies want people to want poor countries to have the vaccine. This is a psyop pushed by the vaccine companies. That want richer countries to agree to pay for poorer countries to have vaccines. Mark my words they are going to release a deadly virus on the continent of Africa soon because they escaped the covid vaccine program.

  7. Good luck Pope…. The United Corporations of oppression under authority is not giving the American people anything!!! The U.S are Pimps and we are it's prostitutes. Uñtil we can find 1goddamn honest candidate!!! CONAN O'Brien for President in 24!!!

  8. Pharmadrugs can't cure a torn toilet paper let alone any ailment so what keeps BigP afloat is the corruption, mandates and lazy people reaching out for easy fixes that only mask the symptoms. We are doomed if sheeple continues to support such practices. Get out, start moving that ass, eat more veg, down those vitamins and no toxic pills needed, c'mon, let's all become beautiful people.

  9. You have to remember that failure to freely give the vaccines to the developing world effectually stimulates mutation by allowing the virus to run rampant from person to person in those countries. The variants will eventually make their way to the west which will create a situation requiring NEW vaccines for those that can afford it. Wash, rinse, repeat ad nauseam.

  10. Well done Russell Brand and crew ! Shining the light on these criminal Pharmaceutical companies and criminal owners .

    A non profit law on all pharmaceutical health products would see a big swing to funding natural health products and that would be the next New billionaire products that all else would be censored.

    Apart from unethical profit , if natural health products are helped and not pushed , then what is the intention- definitely not to genuinely help mankind .

    And these companies are not to be trusted at all.

    Especially as there already was set up by the worlds governments to be protected against damages before the “ invention “ of the product’s.

    How many politicians own shares or interests in pharmaceutical companies.

    This point has justed surfavefin the uk- a political role is not allowed with a business role whilst on political duty or in work place- a politician was foynd out to do this – well , the first action was an attempt to change the Rule itself .

    Corrupt , criminal and intention not just to earn money , but use big profits to keep the poor that way and the world population under control , all run from Wuhan by Fauci and uk politicians that iwn parts if pharmaceutical companies and bill gates and his boss.

  11. I don't really care if you are democrat or republican. If you are ask a question by someone stop and answer it. this day and time everyone can see you don't give a shit about people you just want money and power. Thats why we should have a 2 term limit. Come on everyone vote these greedy bastards out. Just one case: Nancy Pelosi makes $175,000 a year but her net worth is over 100 million. How does that happen? We need to stand up to our government, we pay them. Just my opinion #almostallgovermentsuxs

  12. I'm curious to know, given your path to sobriety, what your thoughts are about the massive amounts of illegal drugs trafficked across US southern border and its connection to the reported 100k+ overdose deaths (28% increase from last year).

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