Err, So If THIS Isn’t Misinformation Then WHAT IS??!

How much does Covid continue to be politized and is false reporting from the mainstream media also being treated as misinformation?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Why does the study rebuking the number only start in August of 2020? That leaves out a significant number of infections and misses the entire first U.S. peak. I absolutely agree we are awash in disinformation delivered in large part by nearly all major media outlets and social media, but this study to refute the actual number of children hospitalized from Covid is flawed from the start if they are only looking at hospitalizations beginning Aug. 20?
    You see, THIS is the problem. Everyone wants to deliver manicured facts to support their opinions. No one is delivering the real facts as they are, tested and evaluated to support a stated goal. Love your work Russell generally but what am I missing here. This study appears to only count those after the first significant wave had passed, again unless I am missing something here. For the record, I do NOT believe our children should be vaccinated just so the basement Joe’s of the world can feel safer. They have no data supporting it is safe. The fact the Democratic Party is using our children as political tools is unconscionable.

  2. Adding up numbers is primary school education, I thought. You would think something is wrong in an institution where numbers can't be added up. How can fairly well educated people get it so wrong? 😳 Good though they were in the plus.

  3. When a media company publishes false information they should be fined all of the profit they made in that month and the source should also be prosecuted, doesn't matter if it were accidental or not. This will at least make them think and check before publishing.

  4. “Oh, there you have it.” Literally quoting a single source as if it was fact, while saying that they wont say they are an expert in anything. Come of it… what hype monger, pretentious intellectual, sand being certified (not that you need to be to be smart, but should be when speaking to the public on matters that pertain to serious matters such as this). Russell, you’ve become a devils advocate for whatever is trending and I don’t buy yer bullshit. Even when I agree with it.

  5. Well I'm from South Florida. And I'm here. So I already know it's all bullsht. I'm just hanging around watching Russel and others gaining consciousness . I think it's great that so many people are becoming aware of all this manipulative nonsense. The more people are aware the less the approval rating for those in charge . Be it the mass media , the fed gov. the u.n. Or the CDC. It's almost time for them to twist in the wind because we're all going to be united against them before to long.

  6. RB is being heavily subjected to censorship, which is made extremely obvious by all his clarifying statements and disclaimers throughout the video. Since he is "left", broadly speaking , you can imagine how "left" the establishment is. The establishment being "left" is nothing but a self-serving pretense.

  7. Glad he can be honest and say he isnt qualified to speak on medical expertise unlike some of these facebook experts who claim they know everything when they dont.

  8. I got vaccinated from the VA in Vancouver Washington 8 months ago the VA said the infection is for the booster when it comes available I've already had two shots I can't get no more until the boosters out

  9. I think that saying 900,000 instead of 63,000 is more like DISinformation because its provable falsehood, MISinformation as i understand it, is using truthful data in a misleading fashion

  10. Agree with what Russell is saying, it is just becoming exceedingly hard to know what to trust and even if the figures are correct there are so many nuances that the publishers could hide behind. There are so many people advocating research for yourself and make up your own mind, which is all well and good but firstly we all have unintentional bias (whether we like it or not) and therefore personal research reduces the field of citing sources and as a result yields it at best very unreliable data and at worst becomes anecdotal. Larger studies (by government, scientist, doctors or otherwise) should be more reliable but could be skewed for a number of reasons. So my question is simple, where do we go for the best results in regards to the topic? I’ve found that the data, published papers and large studies that goes against the mainstream gets removed or is very hard to find, which makes me suspect of whether or not it is actually viable and apprehensive as to what to believe. Am I alone in feeling this way?

  11. I posted a quote by Mussolini on FB for historical and educational purposes and got banned for a day. It is strange how they act fascist but they also prevent people from realising it by restricting info about it under the pretext of "dangerous people" or whatever. And I was just thinking that only youtube shadow bans me and voila. FB joined.

  12. I don't think there is such a thing as "misinformation". Information is just information, just like data is data. Information or data can be accurate or inaccurate, but there's no "mis-" about it.

  13. Russell, I really enjoy your show. You are a brilliant mind. One thing about this episode that I have to comment on is the willful misinformation by what most people would call credible news sources. They clearly put out a shock headline (the public sees it, multiple media report on it) and later a correction. But the two dozen media outlets that believed an reported on it don’t correct the record. So, the first misheadline becomes the truth. This is crazy to me. I know they are doing it on purpose. Just like Facebook hiring a 3rd party fact checkers that happen to hold the same position as Facebook. It’s fake all the way around. This is mad. I’m so bloody pissed at the state of fourth pillar of liberty; media.

  14. Sadly misinformation seems to be the narrativel through our media from our government that is part of the agenda of the cabal. I myself and others still see that it is a DISTRACTION, a major distraction for what's being ushered in behind the scenes. Hopefully the true narrative, when revealed won't shock the other 50% into utter disbelief, and defiance because they felt superior by not getting sucked into a conspiracy. Theory of conspiracy is just that, and should be mulled over and research by everyone and anyone who is disturbed by it. The theory that is no matter what its content. Stay free!!!

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