“Err… The Royal Family Are Keeping WHAT Secret Now?!!”

The media reaction to Prince Philip’s death focused on the public’s sympathy, but did it ignore important revelations that continue to spell out the financial privileges of the Royal family? And if so, why?
#Royals #Queen #Secret #Hiding #Riches #Wealth #Abolish

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I always understood Prince Charles to well manage his trust until I saw some YouTube vid about his vending royal titles for cash money! 💸 And yet mentally I cannot envision Britain without the Queen or royals, really. Perhaps, if the fam chose four castles 🏰 in perpetuity with Buckingham being mandatory property, and sell off the rest… it's a thought. I have wrong ideas.

  2. This explains why so many being comfortably numb and and the list soooo long as to why they would seal it you could make a board game out of it and see who guess closest to the truth, good name for the game and in 90 years how many generations gone…all the ones that wouldn’t mind a peek in the sealed wills and are asking all the questions…the brainwashing continues in the womb of the babies that know nothing and probably never will.😵‍💫🤔

  3. Where are the Original royals from years ago Looking very closely at old photos them seem like different people………And with cgi and deepfakes, anything on that brainwashing box Can be Faked. Just look at the movies, they can make anything appear.

  4. Move along.
    Nothing to see here.
    If it were above board, there would be no need for concealment.
    They are public figures paid by the public and so must answer in whole to the public for everything.
    Or just be rid of them.
    If they remain, then they remain for status and are paid in the currency of honour.
    Personally I have a vast amount of honour that they may have as payment. Here take it. I am good for it.
    Otherwise, there is absolutely no point to them. Really. What is the point of them? Perhaps I have not the imagination to come up with some bullsh!t reason.
    In the end what is the point of resisting anyway?!
    They will always win.

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