Err…Think The World Is Run By Psychopaths?! You’re RIGHT! WATCH THIS!!

“Corporations are psychopaths” and economic globalisation has forced people into a desperate tribalism, spawning political movements like Trumpism. How do we challenge power if protesting isn’t enough?!

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The Capitalism model is absolutely perfect for Sociopaths/psychopaths. Its nature is to constantly out-bid the next person for its personal gain. It must always keep gaining…. and enough is never enough. Ultimately, it if it would come down to two last on the panet, they would out-bid each other because as I said before, following the capitalist model it forces the business owner to ruin the other. The way I see it is like this – picture two pies. One pie gets a slice removed, and that slice is added to the other pie.
    Whereas throug the Socialist model, those two pies would be split into many slices where everyone would have a piece, equally distributed.

    For those of you Dum Dums who are conflating Socialism with Communism….you have no idea what you're talking about. Go google the information and open your eyes.

  2. Phycopaths are poor, arrogant people, who don't have morality or tolerance. The statement is absolutely true. They are the essential source of capitalists ideology.

  3. The analysis of the corporate psychology was spot on BUT to describe the spawning of Trump as xenophobic and racist is complete idiocy. I’m not a Trump supporter, I have no horse in that race but coming to the conclusion your guest did reeks of being lead by ideology first and critical thinking later. I do however lay a lot of the blame on Trump and his supporters for not more accurately verbalizing their beliefs and positions rather than others ability to digest them accurately.

  4. The political parties, the corporations and the elite are all one uniparty. The division is created by media including cultural, music, movies, tv and propaganda news and politicians. We are being manipulated to hate each other to further their agendas. If we unite against them, they lose.

  5. As long as our Corrupt Politicians like Hillary, senile Biden & sicko “artist” son Hunter & crazy Pelosi are taking big $$$ bribes from Elites like Big Pharma, Wall Street, Big Tech, Lobbyists & Fake News, and have immunity from law, we will personally continue to suffer and die needlessly… So be damn CAREFUL who you VOTE for!

  6. So long as the majority of the population is kept pacified with cheap food and an endless supply of entertainment nothing will change. Modern people are simply unwilling to sacrifice comfort for freedom.

  7. Could I ask you talk about the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and how they are giving platforms for people like G maxwell and her brother. Would like to see if people agree with the view of public manipulation?

  8. Corporations have uplifted the masses out of poverty and provided a venue to fulfill dreams. Capitalism in the US has made it all possible, the American dream… ever heard of that? It is real.

    Amazing analysis? I think it is simple minded and limited in scope, the view of an agenda driven outsider.

    Almost got an unsub from me, not that you care about my sub, you psychopath.
    Moving on…

  9. Mussolini said The merger of state and corporate powers is called fascism. So yeah we are basically living in a fascist system. Public-private-partnerships are another modern term for fascism, since it's basically big business and big government giving the little people supposedly what they need. They are 'partners', but if you are in partner with a 500 pound gorilla, you know who will get the biggest chunks of banana.

  10. We were just told by main stream media to expect food shortages here in Australia because so many workers are close contact and the big chain stores like Woolworths are 20% down on workers… Also just been told price rises on food… 🙁 I can talk for my family here, we are already finding it sooo hard to pay bills and keep a roof over our heads and to put food on the table…. So on top of worrying about this virus we have to worry about food and price increase…. WTF!!!!! Iam stressed and so worried….

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