Escalation In Random Attacks In NYC Prove Defunding The Police Was INCREDIBLY Stupid

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  1. You know why? They are racists. They always have been and you people have always blamed whites instead. Blacks hate whites and the government now accept it and do nothing about it but victim blame.

  2. Does anybody realize it peeps with criminal backgrounds out there saying defended the police it not peeps that don't have massive records i was profiled an arrested for nothing do I dwell every day about that racist cop no I moved on a fought it an won but I hold no grudge on police for 1 idiot the problem is I expected it thats 1 thing these peeps can't do except there actions

  3. Please don't come south. Stay in your state and fight. Don't leave your problems and then bring them here. Change your state, hate your state. Fight for what belongs to the people.

  4. These communist mayors and governors have kicked over the nest, making the cities unlivable and releasing their liberal offspring into the safe parts of the country to destroy it..

  5. The article failed to mention the race of the attackers, which in modern media speak means they weren’t white. Doubly so because the victim said they hurled racial slurs, but the cops said their is no evidence of a racial motivation.

    Because media has no integrity and only white people get accused of bigotry.

  6. Tim you really need to grow a pair. I mean you can say "black" you know. Your already a racist by being white, so don't be so naïve. You know the truth, just say it. Are you afraid of U-Tube.

  7. Rick Moranis is a legend how fuckin dare someone harm a literal national treasure. The best comedian of his time when his wife died he stepped away from hollywood to be the best father possible. These cities are sick.