Escaping Australia: Why are thousands of Aussie families permanently fleeing as refugees? 1/3

Part 1/3 of a documentary series into the mass exodus of Australian families leaving Australia permanently to move overseas.
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Written by Aussie Cossack


  1. Society is over-run with cowards. Running away instead of fighting for what is right? Protect your family? Who gave life to you? You have a mother that is still alive and you would abandon her? You must have a small feeble jaw under that extravagant beard.

  2. If you don't love it, leave, rings true here, but l can see why he's going, my question is, why is the Aussie Cossack choosing to live in Australia, it seems you're both aspiring to what the other has?

  3. I can certainly agree with his sentiments. I’m very negative towards this country. I was going to say “my” country but as a white Christian man I don’t feel way anymore.

  4. So sad. Its not about escaping from slavery, its about survive or die. That reminds cuba 1959. Wish that brave man better fate and be lucky to see his country free.

  5. This man is right. Australia should become a Republic. This man will return to Australia because the people will combat the covidiot dictature when they will be told to walk like dog on their knew and ask the police if they can go out fo their house.

  6. Great interview, he speaks so many truths. He knows exactly what is going on and he is obviously holding back on what he truly wanted to say.

  7. We have done it. We left to Israel a place with high numbe rof COVID cases. We were more scared to leave in FASHESIM state than COVID. My advice to all it's your life take control .there is a life somewhere else.

  8. God bless you, and good luck.
    I left America for all the same reasons 20 YEARS AGO, because I saw all this coming even 20 years before that.
    I left I I'm proud that I don't spend any tax dollars supporting the communist takeover of America.

  9. We saw communism coming to Australia (through UN AGENDA 21/AGENDA 2030 – now called THE GREAT RESET), that Australians preferred to bury their heads in the sand rather than fight against it, so we left 5 years ago for South America. Australians are allowing their country and way of life to be taken over by the marxist politicians who obey the international bankers to destroy the people and the nation.

  10. Thats the thing with western nations ive noticed, they meddle with other countries politics and economic environment for the worse. So think of most of latin american, vietnam war, middle east wars, etc. this displaced so many people looking for opportunities in western countries. This brain drain bolsters western countries economically, then their govts used this advantage to further oppress developing countries. Foreigners built english speaking countries, and their govts have the nerve to target their communities of minorities. Im all for diversity, but how we became diverse was through division from our homeland in the first place.

  11. The biggest threat to the Australian Government has always been Aussie culture which they have been watering down for years and rubbishing so they can do and get away with the crap they throwing at us now.

    I know my Grandfather who was an ex RAAF WW2 pilot and his mates would never have put up with this shit. They would have been paying a visit to their MP saying 'Hey Bill sort this out or we will.'

  12. The country is great ,but it is governed and policed by tyrants.The mainstream media is complicit with them and its principal role is to deceive and decept the Australian people. Horror waits in the wings!

  13. Humbling.. I wish him, his wife and kids well, hope they will be back, for family, at least for his mother and her contact with her grandchildren assuming their relationship is healthy. What a adventure for his family unit, may it make their bond stronger, kids should take to it well, character building is a understatement.

    I question why of all places Voronezh, however after a bit of reading.. Has a interesting history, the 900 years I've glossed over and appears to be a hub of sorts that is beginning to bloom, boom. I can see it isn't a random choice, regardless of his family roots. Will be a priceless experience, seems to have the right mindset to make the most of it, I assume his wife too. May his seeds be sewn and grow, be accepted by those well seeded there, given he has a float and a existing stream of income, knows what to expect there at the worst, his wife too.. Wow, would be nice if Nick can keep us posted, the full experience, the struggles and the rewards for taking such a opportunity without sitting on the fence and hmmm.. Much respect, I think he is a champion for giving it a go, is representing us here that are unable, financially, physically and mentally and for other reasons, comitments, I believe. It is a protest but so much more, for his family regardless, living life as such. No matter the challenges faced, will be epic.

    I gather his mother is not alone and has others to support her given her needs, existing or that may arise eventually. All the best and hope it works out for his family beyond expectations.

    Thanks for sharing this Nick and family. Take care.

    Simeon, excellent beginning, first installment of the series, you are a outstanding man.. Brilliant, the way this interview was conducted.. Top Notch and wow, you can only get better at it.. Watch out 4 Corners and 60 Mins.. Would be suprised if they are not considering to broker a deal to get you on their team, sometime soon perhaps as a guest, after you get a seat in parliament? What ever you choose to do Simeon, in politics, a journalist, reporter or at a later stage not, you are blessed brother. Kids soon? ;-P

    Simeon got any flyers to distribute? Stickers to stick in random places? Richmond Rivers District, 800kms North of Syd? Is many from Sydney here, may not of changed their electorate? I made the move predating the lockdowns, some similar reasons and most importantly to be close to a terminally ill family member, my mother, a registered nurse before her brain tumour was discovered.. Frontline western Sydney, public facilities, close to 50 years of service, refused admin roles, stayed on the floor. Rarely took leave and her long service until hmmm. She has no other surviving close family members, other than my children and I. My father had helped somewhat with her care and the mother of my children until the unforseen the chaos from Sydney began after my separation and relocation. No supportive others, friends etc, my mother didn't socialise much, was plenty of that as a RN, enjoyed her days off, her solitude.

    I miss the stories and first hand accounts, debriefing after her shifts, was full on. Dad too, he retired years ago, but kept working, as a FIFO community nurse, assisting our first nation people, also a Medic, Aus Army before going civilian in the 80's. Time flies, one can sometimes only value things after they are no longer.. Life is short, time is priceless.

    Take care all, looking foward to the other parts and more.. <3