Esper Makes Trump Look Even Better With His Likely False Claims About Cartels and Missiles

Trump optioned shooting missiles at cartel groups? I fail to see the issue:

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  1. Trump had the mind of a non political figure. A politician needs that problem, so they can sell you a reason to vote for them.
    They wont fix the problem, they will pretend they are trying to. If politicians did what they said, we would not have an influx of problems they could pretend to fight.
    Trump is a businessman at heart and his lifes foundation was built upon that. He sees a problem, the first response would be a pragmatic approach to fix the problem. In that approach, any number of scenarios will be tossed out and dismissed. Any number of scenarios tossed out, and thought further about.
    Politician- Look at this HUGE problem that I helped create, now vote for me, and I will pretend to try to fix that problem for you, and the whole time I will claim the 'other side' is stopping me.
    Now, how much money can you give to my cause? What can I put you down for? What are you willing to give for your family's safety?
    Trump- Look at this problem, how can we fix it? Can we do this? Or that? Lets try it.

    Somehow, one of those is seen as evil, and it isnt the one you think.

  2. Destroy the cartels using a US and Mexican coalition. I’m against interventionism but it would be absolutely justified with Mexican approval and to protect our nation from the cartels and drugs.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that this whole thing sounds a lot like the plot of Tom Clancy's book Clear and Present Danger? The biggest reason I think it's just another false anti-Trump story isn't that I don't think Trump would blow up drug labs, it's the idea that he'd give someone else the credit for it. Seriously, he'd announce it immediately, "I did it! It was huge! Best missile strike ever! I'm going to do it again!"

  4. The government regardless of who holds office will NEVER actively fight the cartels on their home turf or even put a solid effort, the cartels give the government pawns like the FBI job security 😂

  5. Esper was a corporate establishment slime ball, nothing he says is worth listening to. If Trump is elected again he needs to run with DeSantis as VP then appoint DeSantis to do all the hiring because Trump sucks at about 75% of his hiring choices, his biggest fault.

  6. The cartels have caused more deaths in the US than Al Qaeda. Declare them terrorist organizations and tell the Mexican government to shut them down or we take them down a la Afghanistan.

  7. I’ve had leftist friends tell me that Trump actually had a lot of sense, they simply didn’t like his persona. The truth is that scumbags took everything Trump said out of context to sell books & to follow the “reality tv” channel the FakeNews had created. Every word wether said in jest or sarcastic or as a joke they presented as Trump was going to do this bullshit. It was a good strategy to make good money selling bullshit that sadly a big chunk of the electorate eats up & they love the drama.

  8. Styx, there's only one way our current government would end the drug war:

    Obama in a military uniform with the banner "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" scrawled on a rainbow flag in the blood of aborted fetuses.

  9. Just defend your country, we are the richest one out there by far so it should be easy! But nope! Instead lets start wars we can't win and flood the country with everyone around the world until it isn't a country anymore!

  10. Esper is just another grifter using Trumps name to sell a book, Bob Woodward, John Bolton , Amarosa just to name a few, any rumor by an" anonymous source" is gold.

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