Establishment Fear Mongering Children Risk From Covid

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. Does anyone else remember the good old days where if you got sick you stayed home until you got better?
    And everyone else just kept on going like business as usual, even during flu season?
    And vaccines were used to prevent transmission and contraction of diseases, not as some "we'll punish you if you don't" weaponized control measures.
    And the science at the time was real science, and not some obviously political BS that contradicts itself every few days? Because I do. I remember all that.

  2. I’m living in Montevideo, Uruguay. I’ve known some people who have been exposed and then got PCR test and/or self quarantined. A PCR test costs us Americans $80 USD. It might be cheaper for citizens, but we now have national health care coverage and didn’t pay any less than that. In order to travel to Argentina and back we 3 will need a total of 9 PCR tests at that rate if we were to stay longer than 72 hours. Tests may be a far better tactic than mandating vaccines, but they are more less doing that for many activities. Anyway, the working class, internationally, are the ones paying the literal price during this endemic, far beyond the specific issue I’ve shared.

  3. Guys … COVID is a mutating virus. High infection rate increases the chance on a mutation. This could be a mutation that increases mortality rate with children. The idea here is to avoid high infection rate to reduce the chance of mutation.

  4. Jimmy, I respect you. I respect what you say about Ivermectine and why it can be used to help people with Covid. But honestly, vaccination for all grown ups also helps, since it lowers more severe symptoms of Covid. People don't necessarily die of Covid itself, but of what it does to their bodies i.e, liver, kidney, lungs, heart, and brain damage. I agree for children not to get the vaccines. But a few times when you have mentioned the side effects of the vaccine, it really it's hard to take. At least when you mention the possible side effects of the vaccine, also mention the side effects on people's bodies if they get Covid and they are not vaccinnated. And since everyone is going to get Covid at some point, why not protect our bodies from worse damage if unvaccinated. I say this with respect, as you and your wife are one of my last heroes left to fight evil in the world. I know this comment should be in another video, but here it is.

  5. Go look at a cheesy old movie called Absolon. I just rolled my eyes way back then, but it looks like big pharma and it's minions have accepted it almost as a blueprint for the heavy handed control of humanity.

  6. This is Pfizer at their greediest, disgusting best, and our government going along with
    it.  This should make people sorry they voted for a geriatric, demented, corporatist for president:

  7. As a mental health professional, I call SHAME to any psychologist who would serve as a tool of propaganda and coercion for the State. SHAME for abusing your license and abandoning your professional directive to foster, promote and protect self-determination.

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