Establishment HYPOCRITE Attacks Anti-War Congressman’s Fox News Appearance.

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Ro Khanna has to implicitly remind that idiot Rupar of how journalism and getting a sane viewpoint out to as many people as possible (including people you've largely been taught to hate) works.

  2. What do Dick 'less' Cheney and Joe Biden have in common? Both falsely claimed that Iraq had WMDs. Both had 5 draft deferments during the Vietnam war. Both are warmongers.

  3. How should a country work if media is just totalitarian crap and one side calls the other side either nazis or marxists? No solutions will come for the people without discussion, diversity of thought and compromises.

  4. these lying, psychopathic, propaganda, delusional warmongers would murder all of us who think like Jimmy if they could get away with it. Thats why they work so hard to get the power to spy, censor, brainwash, manipulate, rob, and otherwies exploit us. What they want is willing slaves and death to disobedience and questioning authority.

  5. BREAKING Florida Governor DeSantis knowingly hid the truth about COVID from the public while cases rose: news investigation. According to an investigation by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, DeSantis suppressed unfavorable facts, dispensed dangerous misinformation, dismissed

  6. Yo Jimmy D! The Vatican does not worship Christ! They worship the same Beast that Disney worships! Disney 666 now owns Fox, so look for the real reporters from Fox to go Ytube n bitchute, but fox will simply represent less and less of the right… WHich anyone who knows anything should be a Libertarian. Cause The Constitution is our only hope for freedom! Even though Obama's NDAA shreds the Constitution, so our freedums really do not exist anyway.

  7. jimmy dore has really turned into a whacko.He probably got some BIG BIG money to sell his soul..Jimmy DORE IS THE GUY THAT YOU THINK IS ON YOUR SIDE TILL YOU DISSECT HIS WORDS.Then you realize he is JUST A REPACKAGED MEDIA AGITATOR.These idiots come in all shapes and sizes.

  8. Tulsi and Yang were invited to Fox News several time to promote their ideas & policies because msnbc & cnn didn’t give them air time during the primary.

  9. Keep it coming Jimmy, even Sam Seder agreed with you this week, mind you he sadly added a clause. You said make Nancy put Medicare for all to a vote, Progressive members. There being over 100 and only 15 votes required to do so. Sam thought it would be better to ask Nancy for more seats for progressives on committees. He may have continued, I didn't, given he spent the first 5 minutes of the video bamboozled by the fact you had an Idea he liked then proceeded to dis you anyway, before mentioning your good Idea. But he did say it, even if reluctantly.

  10. Another blue check mark propagandists pretending to be a journalist. Anyone against war is the enemy. Pete buttplug was a CIA asset minding the poppy fields in Afghanistan. He destroyed South bend Indiana as mayor he's a buffoon !

  11. It’s OK because Pete Buttigeig WASN’t talking about ENDING wars.

    That is Ro Khanna’s sin.

    It is OK to go on FOX but only if it is to spout Dem Establishment talking points.