Establishment’s Secret Project To Control 2020 Election & Censor Critics Revealed.

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. Civil Rights Leaders did push for correction of the historical record which included "taking down" inaccurate history. In many ways what these owners publishers and arbiters of social media are doing is editing an encyclopedic book written by millions of writers so that the historical record is factual and not full of disinformation and alternative facts. When is editing different from "censorship" ?

  2. And so storming the capital to protest a phony election is bad? Good to know. Seems Trump is the most honest we have ever had OR EVER will. It is all down hill folks. Welcome to your biggest fears of tyranny and oligarchy realized, self inflicted of course.

  3. The U.S. government is at war with the entire world, including its own citizens, who generally seem to be fine with it. Seems to me that a violent revolution is warranted.

  4. You need to do a story on the baby food scandal. That should be the biggest news story of 2021. Corps are knowingly selling toxic baby food in the usa.

  5. Yeah! None of this will come back to haunt the entire country…. maybe the world. Does Time think this makes them look like heroes? And Trump still got 80 million votes

  6. can't even get my comment up. Gets shadow banned because it has a url so I made it not a url & I still get screwed by PoopTube. Venita Gupta and the LCCR were funded by Bill & George. Check out "influence watch" but make it one word. And it is an organization so search accordingly. When there look for the LCCR funding info.
    I tell you all this so at least one person may get to see who wants us silent and ignorant!

  7. These people are so narcissistic that they had to tell us how they cheated and interfered with an American presidential election. I have always respected the office of the president, until now.

  8. 1. Michael Parenti is responsible for my entire outlook on the world, politically. 2. Goddddd I wish liberals aligned with Jimmy could understand that we Maga types are not white supremacists – we completely agree with everything laid out in this video and the majority of us want unity with liberals like Jimmy! We are the same. We just got a shit label BY THE ESTABLISHMENT.

  9. This was the real stealing of the election, I’ve been saying this from day one. Not some kooky voting machines dead people voting, the establishment doesn’t need to do that to steal an election, they just told you in this article exactly how.

  10. We the American people let those power Freak to take a control on are life Now we Need to deal with it simple or Fight but Not with peaceful protesting My people we Need to be aggressive because the system is aggressive

  11. This article is a trap. It's bait to have people say "See, the election was stolen and the events on Jan. 6th were relevant and right". Once you say that referencing this article as proof they will literally put you in jail for violating the Domestic Violence Extremism hate speech laws not yet passed.

  12. Well there’s one thing Max and Alex Jones agree on, is the fact that Q-anon has been exposed as a psy op agency, working to de legitimize Conservatives.

  13. Remember Jimmy. Those platforms are largely apolitical. They will support and carry water for anything or anyone that makes them money. Last thing they want is any form of public scrutiny and/or accountability. The message here is "Don't worry about social media influence over information flow. You don't have to regulate us, we will self regulate for you. We will even go as far as dictating policy and choosing whats best for you. We have your best interest at heart".

  14. It was clear thst despite their efforts to lie and smear Trump, the people were still going to vote for him.

    So, to "save" the people from democracy, they decided to intervene.

  15. Breaks my heart to think Jimmy's show at some point might be censored to the point of just gonee. Damn. I'd never listen to young turks if that was all there was. Their puppets.

  16. I can't believe some in the left are actually defending this. I lost all respect for Krystal Ball and The Hill's Rising after seeing their video on this.

  17. You know we could have universal healthcare IF we stopped all foreign aide permanently and stopped all immigration for the next 50 years.

    We could pay off ALL our debt if we also refused to pay for anymore wars.

  18. This sounds like another right-wing conspiracy theory propagated by a known fascist rag. We should not believe anything this article says because the people in charge care and besides….Trump is literally Hitler, Bin Laden, the worst Confederate General and Satan all rolled into one. Remember, I think Biden is a neo-liberal hack…but Trump is just bad. I'm not saying vote for Biden….really.

    Right JD?

    Its either that, or all of you fucking lemmings have to admit that you were wrong and got played by sociopaths despite books of history and the warnings of your fellow citizens. And we know how likely that is…

    Go back to your Netflix and beg for pittance of a check from the coffers you fill, food from the larders you stock, and wait for the freedoms that were your birthright. The controlled opposition of people like JD are expecting you to tune in and cheer for more power for the State.

    Healthcare, infrastructure, environment….give it all to the State. I am sure they will fortify all of them.

    Hate to say people like me told you so. No. I love it.

    Told you so.

    The STATE is not your friend.

  19. So they control everything and whenever someone will call them out on their shit, he will become terrorist and white supremacist/ conspiracy theorist and shut down/cancelled. This is hopeless. Their fucking fingers are too deep within structures of the society/business.