Et Tu, Project Veritas?

James O’Keefe “I’m Sick of the Whining!”

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  1. Totally unsubscribed on all platforms. The board put out a statement , James was put on leave for his own good. Then we saw it was false , they were getting rid of him. I cannot trust any organisation after being caught lying.

  2. This is clearly an internal coup, and one of board members is either a mole, or a has invested heavily in Pfizer or any of the companies PV has made a hit on. Follow the money guys. Also idc about a sandwich.

  3. I don't see the angle for the conspiracy here; it's a single-purpose organisation that in the age of the web audience and social media oversharing can be recreated repeatedly by anyone with $1000 of tech and a supply of willing honeys. That doesn't mean that some expert in seaside sandcastle construction couldn't be behind booting him.

  4. Wokeists and pronoun-havers got their hooks into the organization and are tearing it apart from the inside, starting with the guy that founded it. A bunch of the employees, having inflated egos, think they're the key to success: not the guy that built the entire thing and now that they've booted him, PV is going to die a pitiful, mewling mess: sued into oblivion by the donors that support James, and abandoned by everyone who believed in their mission and was betrayed for it. All of this so a board could get their mits on more money, and kill the establishment's opposition.

  5. I admit it's just a feeling I have, not an argument backed by evidence, but it seems to me that DW, Project Veritas and perhaps some others, abhor the work ethic as it used to play out at, say, Twitter – "the workers" lazing about and arsing around the office, if and when they chose to show up… so they have gone to the other extreme: work-alcoholism required, minimum wages and all that stuff. Why can't people find some compromise between the two? As for James O'Keefe… I never met the guy, I don't know what's in his head… 🤷🏻‍♀ chissà?

  6. I unsubscribed Project Veritas the first day the ousted him.
    The board of directors have been compromised was my first thought when I read about it. Captured, or someone on the board is somebody’s proxy, someone’s bitchboy, infiltrated PV to sabotage James okeefe . Now let see their value drop, let gravity do the work. Burn baby burn PV board of directors reap what you sow.

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