Ethics Complaints, Pregnant Women & Covid Vaccine, FBI Corruption, Trudeau & MORE! Viva Taco Tuesday

The world is going mad. Let’s try to make sense of it, and change it for the better.

Written by Viva Frei


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  1. Thank God for Justin Trudeau and all the foreigners he has recently introduced into the government to help ignorant native-born genuinely patriotic Canadians find their own way forward. May he never, ever be forgotten for all he has done to help unite Canada. Amen !

  2. The Biden Admin continuously bussing and flying illegal immigrants who are not vaccinated and even sick with the coof across the nation endlessly, the largest "super spreader" agency in America was the Biden Admin for how they handled illegal immigration. The Biden Admin did not require illegal immigrants to take the pokes, they did not quarantine them when they were sick with the coof, instead the American people were reinfected with the coof over and over again by the Biden Admin's broken migration process, as the Biden Admin attempted to lock down the entire nation and economy. OUTRAGEOUS!!! And yet, Viva's video receives a "warning label" by YouTube for "wrong think." Idiocy!!

  3. "She is selling her soul for 180k a year…" No Viva, Jen Psaki earned 22 million doing that job for less than 2 years and likely sold her soul for the under the table "royalties" from Big Pharma.

  4. "Free Medicare" creates death panels, and when the system is oppressively over worked, because there are too many executives leeching the funds for their own instead of providing aid to the public, that is when people choose to just "opt out" instead, assisted suicide is criminal and its evidence that free medical care ends up corrupt beyond measure, always. Too many with their hands out, not enough tax dollars to aid the people expecting health care when the lion's share of value is being funneled to the few elitists in power, the elite are taking advantage of just about all power structures and it's sickening. The medical industry is corrupt to its very core, and it just has already committed the greatest wealth transfer this world has ever witnessed through this government mandated product for mass consumption…Only now, finding out taking those pokes puts society if further risk of their health and safety than just getting the coof.

  5. Shame upon you David for even suggesting a purge of 'The Dukes of Hazard' television show.

    No future red-blooded American boy should ever be deprived of seeing Catherine Bach in her Daisy Dukes!!!

    Oh and the General Lee car roaring down country roads also needs to be part of a young man's upbringing,…but that combination of Daisy Dukes, long legs and high heels is an equal if not greater element. 🙂

  6. The other technologies they implemented were keys to open gates on private property in the USA to let the illegals in. All nice and orderly. Meanwhile the drug mules are allowed to bring in lots of democrat profits 1 mile up the road.

  7. 2023 people with mental conditions can become eligible.

    Now what could go wrong with that? People with issues of paranoia already have enough issues. Do you want them to have grounds to consider a less than honorable doctor, in Canada, is their doctor?

    I don't deal with paranoia, but I do deal with mental health issues. What grounds can I have to trust the health system I'm obligated to pay into on penalty of fines or imprisonment at this point?

  8. @44:55 Years upon years of Antifa and BLM oppressing, terrorizing and murdering innocent Americans across the nation, and Conservatives want answers not only for the double standard in handling both the Left and Right but the problems regarding the 2020 election, which we know now that Corporate Media along with big tech had purposefully misled the public as they declared severe issues regarding Biden "misinformation" without ANY evidence proving that true at the time, causing our 2020 election to be tampered with by foreign agents seeing how big tech are foreign actors (likely to bypass proper taxation), and how we know Biden wouldn't have won if the public knew about these severe issues that demand inquiry to this day, so Conservatives legally and rightfully protested as any sane people would do. Revisionist history on crack when it comes to Democrats.

    Communists label their opponents with false derogatory terms, and repeat the lies until they became fact, and nothing could be more damning than Democrats adopting such illicit intent, they must PROVE their accusations true or resign in utter disgrace. Somehow, Democrat voters ACTUALLY believe Trump supporters are no different than the Klan, they call the Right fascists, terrorists, enemies, and that is because of Democrat leadership using government agitprop to force such rhetoric into being and to make it real through repetition instead of it being true. This requires inquiry, at the very least debate and argument, why the RNC hasn't demanded inquiry is baffling to me outside the perception of the RNC desiring the same outcome as the DNC, which defies the will of their constituency.

    Such regressive intent and suggestive labeling are HARMFUL to society at large, Biden claiming Conservatives are "fascists" directly violates Biden's oath of office as President!!!

    January 6th will ALWAYS be remembered as the day our seemingly corrupt leadership took political prisoners instead of being held liable themselves, which seemingly is a step too far that demands investigation by itself!!! And also, to be remembered as the time where our leadership purposefully chose to obfuscate, deflect and project all fault and blame towards everything upon their political opposition, as Democrats declare their political opposition not only a perceived "threat to our Democracy" but literally had Biden claiming Conservatives are "fascists." Appalling!!! Biden chose to goad Conservatives with inciteful rhetoric the other day, and sadly, if Conservatives do not fall for that bait, the Democrats will just have their Glowies act the part in order for Democrats to further their degenerate regressive agenda. Embarrassing.

    The Conservatives protest on January 6th was "subverted" by Glowies which has been made public knowledge that even the FBI cannot refute and only obfuscate over, Federal assets and agents who hid within and to incite the protest into anything they could use for media headlines and false entrapment, for gov't to claim they do not have to release their actions and subversive agenda done during the January 6th protest which is even more damning of our government.

    Conservatives get raided and detained for nothing worse than what Leftists have been doing for years across this nation, the double standard clear as day, to become political prisoners in America and get called the problem on the back end by fascists on the Left who've been terrorizing society outright for years, as Portland just had another riot in the city where an Antifa member not only shot at an elderly man injuring them, but the Antifa member ended up murdering one of his own Antifa fascistic terrorists and I highly doubt anyone will be arrested. Outrageous!! Women's March, Kavanaugh Hearings, why weren't these people raided too, why weren't these Leftists detained and made political prisoners for doing no differently than the people on January 6th?! They interfered with our governments work, they attempted to prevent Kavanaugh from being sworn in by protesting and rioting in DC, yet they are free to do it again, and again, because they are on the "right side of history." This is not just immoral, this double standard proves our government is acting against the interests of society, if not by incompetency through short-sighted delusional edict then it's found to be done on purpose, which is even more damning than before!!

  9. KJP feels free to blatantly lie because she knows she gets a free pass from our wonderful media, and the democrat lemmings eat that crap up, happily pretending that it is truth.

  10. Viva I was on a cruise in the Pacific and the Captain announced the depth of the ocean where we were was 17,000 feet. Mind blown. I just stood at the rail for an hour trying to imagine what was down there.

  11. Lindsey Graham is scarcely "MAGA" anything. The only possible reason he might support, or appear to support Trump is to parasitically gain support from Trump's base.
    He is a Neocon in good standing.
    If Trump could get over his narcissistic tendencies and realize that not everyone who says nice things about you actually means them. Had he done that initially he wouldn't have hired the swamp to drain the swamp.

  12. she asked which world class tennis player because once specified the information was individual specific and fell under confidentiality that is why the big smile

  13. Check out Nova Scotia … they went from a sign up program to be an organ
    donor, to a program that you automatically give your permission to donate
    if you don't sign up. They made the change because not enough people
    were signing up. Everyone should be aware of this change for organ donation.

  14. Princess Bride, top five ALL time fave!!👏👏♥️BUT Meathead, thee MOST ignorant jerk on the planet, ruins it a bit! Reiner & MANY other Hollyweird vomit, should just stick to movies.

  15. Why is the vaccine even relevant? It’s not approved and doesn’t work and has injuries through the roof and the dipshits in the Whitehouse and blue states like wacko hichul LIED about an approved vaccine that did not exist. We can say anything is approved… it’s not available but it’s the same formula as the one in the EUA… maybe so but two legally different products. Pharma immunity for the EUA and they mandated these despite the health risks abd vaccine FAILURE …TO GET KICK BAVKS FROM BIG Pharma. Disgusting deception by this disgusting administration! They all need to pay

  16. Sorry, but conservatives thinking that Biden's plan to forgive student loan debt is just a way to dissolve the US military are falling by a very milquetoast neocon idea used to con people by playing by the establishment divisive narrative.

    Just leaving that out there in the air.

  17. Maga republicans are dangerous? Strongest voice as democracy? Corn pop joe? That P O S is a criminal! Get Brandon OOO NOW! MAGA republicans are patriots! We car about our country! G F O! This is infuriating to watch! She’s a tool!

  18. to narrow it down……….. activist….streamer…….good thoughts……good actions…… the only protest streamer that had mostly selfie streams……. nice to all….got lot's of donations….account jumped…..we are all in this together…… money received….. and then split to a better place….. is this a bad comment? … it can be erased…. but it was good …. hello 👀🦷👀🧠🧠🧠👀🦷👀…. if proven wrong… seeing it wrong….. will correct wrong…..

  19. In the updated guideline they also said that there's no data to support adverse effects in pregnant women. So they're saying there's no data either way so why was it approved? Why is it now not approved?

  20. yes prof neil fergussons ( imperial college ) totally discredited predictions based on a totally unreliable model called a useless piece of junk by the worlds leading coding expert, he was told to bin it after he massively over estimated bse, bird flu & 1 other ( 1 forget which 1 ) death rates. but instead he used it to predict covid deaths.

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