EU Announce The END To National Sovereignty

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0:00 EU Council Goes Against Sovereignty

6:19 EU To Add More Presidents

9:52 Scottish Labour Elect New Leader

13:02 News In Your World

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EU Announce END To National Sovereignty

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Well that's good. Such an announcement is likely to kick-start a number of deeply unhappy countries into setting about leaving. This is typical EU; massive unrest, many unhappy countries, constant in-fighting. And the EU's answer? More of the same.

  2. A quick read of how Hitler rounded up different factions under one roof to get enough support and finances to expand the military building before the start of the war.
    Oh there are so many likenesses, just like history repeating itself.

  3. Oh! O. Just got to Arron and his swing. Great Idea, I'm all for it. But just wait till the elf n safetee brigade find out. That swing will be down before you can say, 'That the aforementioned child's recreation apparatus does not meet the requirements of our H&S legislation, we'll have to call a meeting, (with full covid precautions of course), to find out when we can have a comprehensive and meaningful discussion on the protentional horrendous injury and life changing mental issues the aforementioned childs apparatus could afflict on the future generation of our great and freedom loving country'. Or words to that effect.

  4. The EU have a big problem as there will be a huge disconnect between the people and those running the EU. That’s dangerous as far as the EU are concerned. Even if it becomes more democratic and, say, the EU president gets directly elected by the people of the EU they are just going to vote on nationalistic grounds. For example, who in Italy is going to vote for a German president, and vice versa. It will be even more farcical than the Eurovision Song Contest!

  5. The EU Commission unelected no marks, know they are nothing but an Entity showing it's self to be pieces of paper, the EU is not a country or one nation of one people it has no soveirgnty rights, or democracy, it is a paper entity hopping to be one country at the cost of 27 sovereign nations being no more.

  6. Reason he comes across so angry and obsessed is he is desperately trying to push the aims of his globalist masters. He'll be heavily incentivised, and might even be compromised so is acting under threats.

  7. So begins the United states of Europe one president with hundreds of minions bleeding the people dry of all there money, identity countrys will become counties under one central name being United states of europe or use for short, and they believe the brexiteers were crazy wanting to leave this institution of left wing loonies

  8. United States of Europe hmm wasn't this one of Germany /Nazis plans to unite all of Europe under one flag? By taking over all the countries and centralising all power in one place, yer I see it now they are trying to have just 4 main powers all leading to War! who want to bet me that this will be the outcome… Anyone

  9. The EU failed on the vaccine, nation states had to step in to rectify the situation, and the answer is to take more power from nation states and give the EU more power?

  10. We must change the language. ‘Progressive’ should be labelled ‘regressive’, ‘liberal’ should be labelled ‘degenerate’. To accept the EU label language is to accept its values !