EU BEG Macron To Surrender To UK

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EU BEG Macron To Surrender To UK

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. The amount of people on powertrips this year!!!
    This is why we should be self sufficient. Stop selling our land to build houses on, grow our own food!

  2. The openly shameless corruption of this government is absolutely astounding. I think that Boris and his cronies have now consigned themselves to the same bin that Starmer, Corbyn and their cronies have consigned their party. If Boris does sell out to the Brussels he might be better off moving to Paris, or Berlin or even Brussels itself. Mr Farage, this is your opportunity, do not be Mr Nice Guy this time around.

  3. The BBC (the bullsh*t (or bias) Broadcasting Corporation) has never been for brexit and in recent years, even Britain. The fear and panic they are spreading here for the sake of sensationalism, is both unprofessional and irresponsible.

  4. Why is Neil Ferguson still advising the Government? His vastly inflated projections were central to billions being wasted on useless vaccines after the H1N1 virus emerged. He forecast up to 200 million deaths from Bird Flu. There were less than 300. He predicted that 50,000 people would die from BSE. The figure was 177.
    His ‘severely flawed’ modelling over foot and mouth disease in 2001 led to the slaughter of over 6 million healthy animals.

  5. Why are Brexiteers so angry they won? Why are they so whiny? Could it be they're just frustrated losers who failed at everything in their life, and are now taking it out on all these nasty foreigners?

  6. Funny mr macron the French weren’t so picky about us Brits coming into France when German army was marching through Paris…. I think it is your political situation that is causing the problem NOT the French people.

  7. Allergic to latex monsieur? Laugh. The froggies tune will change when they fancy a strike to bring everything to grinding halt the next time the french unions want something. They consider no one.

  8. We thought that only UK has the rights to close its borders, via, roads, seas, rails and flights
    to the European citizens and European workers.
    What a big surprise !
    Thanks BoJo for the big mess everywhere.

  9. they say people can't travel from tier 4 areas…………….can someone tell me who going to stop them exactly? i work for transport i been asked by passenger are they aloud to travel from London to Brighton for example, i simply said your adviced not to travel, me and my colleagues are not law enforcement we have no such powers to stop anyone from travelling, this is for BTP to enforce and i can say very little or no enforcement is present.

  10. Brexit is just a sideshow, when is everyone going to wake up and realise that we're being ruled directly from the World Economic Forum now. 3 months ago we were ignored on Brexit and signed over along with the rest of Europe to the authority of the United Nations Federal Government, Macron was anointed by the Pope as the head of it. Johnson and Cummings don't work for us. Prince Charles is figurehead for Britain at the W.E.F.

  11. The BBC, what a shower of shite, so glad I don't watch and haven't watched mainstream TV for 5 years now, cancelled the TV licence and will never buy another one, sky is crap as well, both are dinosaur's now.

  12. funny how kent is the epicentre of this new variant of the virus. the place with the biggest UK-EU traffic. its almost as if it could have come from europe and the UK were just the first to discover it?

  13. Johnson will capitulate soon, giving away the fishing rights everyone shouts about, to secure a deal. When all the chest thumping is over he will come back to Westminster with tail between his legs,