EU could collapse, warns Emmanuel Macron!

Macron has warned that the Invisible Enemy could cause the EU to fail.

And what was the UK’s response yesterday to the second round of the Brexit trade talks?

According to the French President, Emmanuel Macron, unless the wealthier Northern states dip into their pockets and give it to the southern states that have been hit the hardest by the Invisible Enemy, then there won’t be a single market left for them to profit from anymore.

As you will know, at the moment the only financial aid available to the likes of Italy and Spain are loans mainly from the European Stability Mechanism that have to be repaid by the countries that borrow the money.

That’s just more loans on already overly stretched economies inside the eurozone, that is now itself expected to contract by 15% this year. And as far as Italy is concerned this line of credit just a pointless offer that will not help them.

And now the French President has stepped in saying that these loans will not resolve the underlying issues and that if a part of ‘Europe’ is allowed to fail, then the whole of ‘Europe’ will fall.

As far as he’s concerned, without mutualising the cost of protecting the likes of Italy across the bloc, then ‘Our Europe’, as he puts it, has no future.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. a disfunctional EU is as expensive as a good one.
    They should have had they salary withdrawed x 3 months as a start.Cut the cash to a paper stamp organization.

  2. US and UK. The 2 most in debt countries in the world want a deal. The 2 most casualties of Corona virus in the world and it is not stopping there. And they want a deal to destroy other countries and the people in it. Psychological sick ! The most selfish egotism I have ever seen. Run by serial liars and reverse psychology lies, destroying people as they go along and don't care about anything else than themselves.

    And thinking they can just U turn with millions of unemployed in both countries. I can't see anymore more sick twisted people than that.

  3. When do people retire in France, Greece or Spain? When do people retire in Denmark? When do people retire in The Netherlands…should I go on?

    Looks like some countries joined a format they can't afford. Work longer & raise taxes elections lost and back to square one.

  4. This man is so hung up on EU that he is blind to the fact that the UK have left the EU. You Britts have to realise that the UK are headed for a hard Brexit and you will never get the EU to agree to your deadlines and your demands. You are 60+ M people, EU is 500+M people. You need to get real and ask these Brexiters to fokus on the UK and the future of the UK. This bafoon cant not get his head around that the UK are no longer member of the EU. Something you should note. The Caymen Island are now banned from doing business with the EU.

  5. Its passed its seelby date and needs to be put out of its misery amd the billionaire class who describe themselves as philanthropic when we know they are philanthro-psychopaths.

  6. The invisible enemy, (none so blind as they who do not want to see) the enemy wouldn't be invisible if you looked in a mirror Mr head frog (hell france must be proud of you) I think Mr frog you must know the back bone of the EU has gone, Britain has left and at last are a free country again, so stop trying to get your hooks in to Britain piss off. Oh and no foreign fishing boats in British waters. BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES.

  7. my dear ,Macron is just a thief like Germany know that they bAstards failedto destroy the Italians he whanth us to believe is our friend after they stole our money to save they stink ass..

  8. Merkel Macron my enemy forever Nazi the Italians tooth all they know Germany when yup ever are going to win something yuo know for the Italians this is our great revenge,! Yup bastard don't have any idea how sweet it is. Itaty 5. Germany O in bel uovo di Pasqua succhiatevelo lascia molto amaro on bocca un' Altra sconfitta sappiate che dio grande Ed Ama I cattolici non I sporchi nazy,

  9. No, mini Macron has failed. He always fails, a good example being not being able to post a letter without a stepladder. So he blames China.
    France never recovered from the revolution. Anybody with a functioning brain lost their head. That's why Macron the maggot got to power.

  10. economic stability
    [the people]
    basic necessity food item services utility
    these are the intra maginot's line
    anything that could hamper these….
    the country will be in peril
    in regards of at negotiating table
    other premised are mere technicality
    it does however carries weight i.e matter° of finance and such
    °repayment and time period
    given current conditions [worldwide] there should be more relax° state
    °delayed performance — part et al recovery
    besides mainstay economy should be a bit more adaptive

  11. So you hope the the EU will collapse that would make you very happy .but maybe you should concentrate more at home with Uk money problems and possible break up with little England left on their own that is if there is anyone left after Boris made his mess with his handling of the virus problems

  12. They say the UK has not seriously addressed the Fisheries and EU Courts issues. I thought it was made very clear, that Fisheries and ANY control over the UK by EU Courts, are both off the table, end of that story. That seems to be a very plain and straight forward statement of the UK position, and any attempt to argue about either of these non-issues, will be the EU refusing to negotiate in good faith, and will thereby nullify the separation agreement. If the EU is really that pig headed, and France doesn't put a chain and mussel on their fisherman, there will be no deal, and will likely be blood in the water and a significantly smaller French fishing fleet. If they think the UK has forgotten how the EU has treated their fishing industries and over fished their territories, think again. I would put a 10 – 20 year moratorium on non-UK boats fishing in UK Fishing Territories entirely, to let the fish stocks recover.

  13. Viva le pen ??? not far of I didn't realise they were so vile that rude and arrogant EU thankyou all brexiteers well done boris we are trusting you ta mate always a cuppa here on the site for ya ok west Midlands ???