EU Foreign Policy Chief Has A Very Problematic Speech

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. as someone who lives in the worst place of the jungle, where you find all kinds of malaria and flesh eating bacteria, I completely agree with him.
    he may have been politically incorrect, but he's factually correct.

  2. it tickles me in all the right places to hwar UAE officials (and those of other arab gulf nations, while we're at it) calling others out on racismus, as these nations have some of the most racist populations on earth, many of them still have slaves

  3. We, people of Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia know what he [Borrell] means. It means that he/they would love to [keep to] exploit the jungle but keep its natives segregated – Love your soil, love your lithium but hate your paws!

  4. I'm sorry, i was reminiscing there for a time. I was remembering saner times, when such speeches were unneeded.
    Times when everyone understood, that to allow the third world to flood our countries, would mean we all starved.
    Times when eco friendly sounding mumbo jumbo, were laughed at.

  5. I think what he might mean is that its first time that minor power like Iran meddles in European affairs (selling drones and missiles for Ukraine war).

  6. Vee, your videos are becoming to look better. Don't know what you did, besides the flashy twitch-streamer lights, but it seems to be working.
    PS: The hair is still… just perfect, though. Don't change that 😀

  7. America is a garden with a fence, if the EU wishes to protect its garden, maybe it should have a 1st and 2nd Amendment, to allow plants who wish for a garden to stop those who wish for a fire

  8. Even if he was talking about people he's 100% correct. America has concrete jungles, they are some of the most dangerous places on earth. Our garden flowers no longer grow there.

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