EU In CRISIS As Barnier Begs Boris To Help With Brexit

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EU In CRISIS As Barnier Begs Boris To Help With Brexit

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. In 2017 the German newspaper Handelsblatt found the German car industry had received an average of €11.5 billion ($A17.2b) a year in assistance, subsidies and just plain handouts since 2007.

    That is in complete disregard for EU state aid rules.

    But wait – there is more!

    That same German car industry that was being paid illegal aid was at the same time cheating on its emissions data, selling crap polluting cars all over the world and killing people. The same cheating car industry!!!

    What do you say about that Glucks Drache?

    A lying cheating corrupt Germany supporting a lying cheating corrupt German car industry!

    The sooner we dump these losers the better

  2. From the start we should have laid our red line down, fisheries, none alignment, sovereignty etc. Then just said “If you will not agree to these things then there is no point in talking.” Then refused to discuss anything until these things were agreed. They are the stumbling blocks and the EU still thinks we will give them up. But hind sight is a great thing. I hope they stay strong. I want my country back.

  3. So basically EU negotiators are doing their job well and UK is faffing about..
    I really don't see where begging is coming in. Just because The Sun or Daily Mail are using click bait title??

  4. Barbier is not begging for a deal. He’s begging for Boris to wake up and réalise what’s happening. Boris has gone over the cliff and hasn’t woken up yet.

  5. Boris you need to take out the outs in that withdrawal agreement that is taking away our domestic sovereignty and going to make us a slave race with outside forces able to make laws that are extremely bad for the people of Britain. This agreement is a disaster you B's are all protecting yourselves from declass and selling out the people of Britain to save your own skin . You should scrap that withdrawal agreement and just take us out of the Eu with no loops to allow corrupt people who know what you have been getting up to and using black mail blackmail to enslave us and destroy our country. A rogue government is going to be the end of us as a free country. As we had fake royalty and Satanic Mafia scum on the EU side stitching us up we can walk away with no talks. Mega corruption going on be warned!

  6. Totally agree. Barnier begs because the EU is such a small market that they desperately need the UK, no doubt about that. Obviously the UK can dictate terms, being the more powerful partner.

  7. You are really obsessed by the UE. Believe me, nobody is talking about Brexit anymore, we have a pandemic to contain and other more serious problems than a Brexit with a Deal or whitout. Btw,despite your recovered Sovereignty you are not performing very well against Covid-19…..

  8. I understand some of the grievances with the EU among Brexit supporters, particularly around migration and the idea of an ever closer union. But I struggle to understand this continued resistance to align to EU standards.

    Considering so many non-EU countries are doing that anyway as part of their trade deals with the bloc, when you yourself make deals with other nations this issue will just keep popping up again and again. Furthermore, I suspect most in the UK would agree with the majority of EU standards if they actually read them, which means if you go at it alone and make up your own system, it is likely to align to the EU one, anyway. I mean, of course it will, as a member state for nearly 50 years, you helped create and approve most of them.

    It feels like you are against it only because it is related to the EU, regardless of actual merit.

  9. If there is a no deal boris Johnson is screwed because Britain will on it's arse in a slump economically and financially which will result in higher prices, high unemployment and businesses possibly leaving the country it will all be down to this conservative government. on the bright side it will probably damage the Tory party so anyone who takes over Johnson will be in the same boat or worse there is a shit storm coming soon and I don't Johnson and his government will be hanging round much after 1/1/21 we already have the worst recession in 300 yrs and a 2 trillion pound debt so breshit will be the thing that burys the Tories hopefully ? and where is the oven ready deal? More bullshit from a slogan prime minister who wants power but NO RESPONSIBILITY

  10. There are a lot of misleading information from the discussion on this channel thinking that they are smart that they could fool the British people. Mind you the British voters are not stupid as you could see the result of the recent GE.

    What the UK wants is the Canadian style agreement (services not included) which has been promised before (FULL STOP). And keep in mind the UK will pay EUR39 bill for that privilege Canada do not pay a single penny to have that deal. EUR39bil could easily be denied as it is not in the treaty. Moreover the UK has a claim in the EU assets considerng the UK has been the second / third largest NET contributors for a few decades. The deal such as services good to have but not a must.

    Keep in mind you always need to meet the standard and rule of the country of the destination if you want to sell the products. Not only selling to the EU but even for selling products to the least developed country relying heavily on foreign aids. But now the EU even refuse to grant the Canadian style agreement without ALLOWING THE UK FISHING WATER TO BE PLUNDERED without allowing THE ROLE OF EU MAFIOSO COURT THE ECJ. The UK will need to meet the EU rule EVEN FOR SELLING THE PRODUCTs OUTSIDE THE EU”. This is entirely different with the trading rule as this is already trespassing a country sovereignty.

    If you go to someone house / party you will need to follow his standard, house rules. That is a general norm so acceptable to everyone. But if someone makes a rule for you even to go to OTHER PEOPLE HOUSE; you will need to depend on his judgment (not third party arbitration) follow his decision whether you have breached the rule or not, it is entirely a different things. This thing is already about sovereignty as an independent person/nation. In the past messing up with sovereignty would mean a declaration of war.

    If Canada, Japan, South Korea are not stupid to allow this to happen for obvious reason why would the UK??

  11. All those remainders’ can now see what the EU is all about with the latest speech from Michel Barnier there is no negotiation only demands. Let’s look at fishing: – The UK catches 100,000 tons of fish from UK waters the EU 700,000 tons of fish from UK waters, that is not fair? History: – The UK joined the EC now the EU on the 1st January 1973, Edward Heath UKPM knew at the time that the EU would have access to our 200 mile coastal zone for fishing and would control quotas for fishing. He also knew this would cost thousands of jobs in the UK fishing industry but he was so desperate to join he annoyed this fact. The UK has now left the EU so it is obvious our fishing waters will return to the UK’s control. Yes thousands of jobs may be lost in the EU fishing industry the same as we lost thousands of jobs from 1973 onwards. Regretfully Michel Barnier and Brussels are unable to accept these facts. Now we have left the EU the EU have no legal right to fish in our waters that is why they are making such a stink. Barnier is no negotiator just a pompous civil servant.

  12. You mean the oven-ready agreeme.t signed also by Boris…

    Well its going a no-deal brexit afterall. Hope you will be happy next year.. and good lock with all the queues everywhere. Holliday, work, lorries.