EU In TURMOIL As Countries Turn Against Brussels Over Brexit

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EU In TURMOIL As Countries Turn Against Brussels Over Brexit

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. I think the EU now know we are really serious. We are willing to risk economic upset in order to have our sovereignty back, which includes control over our own waters.

  2. Lol, the minority Brexiters punching above their own weight again, They see a few people complaining about the EU and assume its all of Europe. Hilarious.

  3. The EU caused all of this including the original Brexit vote, they didn't take us the British seriously and we thankfully stared them down voting completely unexpectedly (as far as they and our own leadership was concerned)

    The EU has been shown up for the bullies they truly are.

  4. A question Mahyar : if we get no deal how are we going to replace the 44% of our trade we currently do with the EU?
    You'd better get ready to take down that Union Jack. All Brexit voters will be held responsible for the break-up of our country.

  5. I hope Boris does not back down and give way over fisheries. It may be a small part of economics for the UK but it is waters men died to protect this countries borders. After we leave. If UK fishermen and the government feel under license others can have access. Then that's the time to think about a problem that is not a problem for us in the UK. For now, hold tight. settle security issues etc which are good for us all. Trade deals are all we want from the EU. Nothing else. No hand-tying. BORIS AND TEAM STAND YOUR GROUND

  6. 9:00 Maybe they can sell the boats they won't need anymore to UK fisherman, helping them rebuild the UK fishing industry which has been all but swept away by EU policies, breathing new life into the towns and villages which traditionally depended on this way of life.

    Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.
    Teach a man to fish and he'll watch as EU regulation means he and the town he lives in have to sell their boats as it's no longer profitable to compete against the fishing fleets of 27 other countries

  7. Michel’s attitude is typical of the EU mentality! They believe they own or have the right to everything. They will NOT have any right to access to British waters without a specific deal and a massive payment. If you, M. Michel, don’t understand this what would you say if the UK demanded access to all EU vineyards! Now would you agree?

  8. Anyone remember when we had fishing fleets, before all the fishing quotas. Anyone remember the fishing trawlers going to the breakers yards? What happened to those communities? Thanks EU!!!!

    Our waters. Our fish stocks. Make them pay a premium to fish here.

    What's the Spanish view? They eat the most fish in EU…

  9. 0:57 Mahyar: "Let's start with Michel Barnier and his latest rant, because he's now exposing himself."

    Not in the same way Jeffrey Toobin exposed himself I hope.

    (For any of our British friends who don't get the reference, just Google "Jeffrey Toobin Zoom video" for the lowdown, and I do mean low down, on the behavior of one of our leftist elites here in the US).

  10. <<<<Plays the smallest violin in the world for Brussels & EU. When the people of Europe finally open their eyes to the lies, corruption and deceit of the EU there will be wide spread revolution on the streets. That's prob why the European Commission wants an army, to keep everyone suppressed and create a fascist super state.

  11. Mahyar, please do a video against the "Another Bias" Tuber. He is such a massive Remainiac and spreading disinformation. I would love to see him with his tail between his legs. If he even has a tail!

  12. I pray France keeps demanding access 2 our waters cos from where im standing its the ONLY WAY 2 stop Lords defeating Jellyfish Johnsons internal market bill no deal means no WA & No £39b

  13. Mahyar… i like your videos they are most informative… but you need to open your eyes to events. Actual Events and not what we are being spoon fed by Boris. The EU said they would be having talks this week despite Boris's deadline and guess what? That is exactly what is happening. Open your Eyes…We are going to be sold out. Never trust a Tory.

  14. The Spanish economy was struggling before covid, I have to presume that when the Spanish gentleman said "friends" he meant someone who pays the bills, do we really need friends like that?

  15. cheers for that, a great send up of the sheer stupidity and ignorance if the average brexiteers,

    " oven ready, die in a ditch they need us, the easiest deal in history….. baa baa, four legs good…. baa baa "

  16. I still think Boris will leave the EU under May's surrender document, (which he signed) but with a few minor tweaks. I really hope I am wrong but today, in answer to a question, Boris's first sentence in answer was, "Whatever the effects of the Withdrawal Agreement will be."

    That does not fill me with confidence.

  17. The EU are not in turmoil… they know what they are doing… they have offered zilch to conitue talks. They know our politicians too well and that they would sell their grannies for a bown envelope full of euros. Our government have capitualted already and smoke and mirrors is all they will need for the next three months.

  18. The UK only wanted a mutually beneficial trade agreement and we have been treated like c*nts. When EU car manufacturers are making 1 in 10 workers redundant, and you have 27 pissed-off countries, and 1 very pissed-off powerful neighbour, on your hands, then they can only blame the arrogant pigs in Brussels. The House of Cards.

  19. we just need to get out of the EU, put aside the Mays, Blair’s, Cameron’s, Bercows, Sturgeons, Browns, And any other traitor to the English people, this country needs to go on its own and prosper , the above are only worried about the money they receive that’s why they don’t want to leave !!!!

  20. You are very selective in your videos which misleads the public. The French MEP for example said that a No Deal would be worse for France than the UK but relating only to the fishing industry which GDP wise is a bit payer in the GDP of France and the UK.

    Likewise in your news briefings because in my reading and viewing of the European press and media you are giving a totally unbalanced view of the goings on in Brussels with regard to EU/UK negotiations.

    Whilst the EU will suffer from No Deal the UK sufferance will be far greater. The latest figures from HMRC show that an extra 400 million custom declaration forms will need to be completed after 1st January and with the current charging rate of £32.50 per declaration this amounts to a £13 billion pounds hit to the UK's GDP; £4 billion more than our last EU net contribution.

    Unfortunately it doesn't end there because of the 50,000 additional staff needed to complete these custom declarations only 5,000 have been trained so far most of whom will have to be supervised for the first year of their job.

    Brexit January 1st is going to be the start of one big economic shitstorm the like of which I have not seen in all my 67 years. You would have to be crazy to promote it knowing now what we know of the economic consequences.

  21. The British fishing waters are for Britisg fishers ONLY. And the future thriving UK fishermen need the backup of the UK marine fleet. They better show up and with REAL ammunition, because the sinking of a few French and Dutch boats: the message COULD be clear in Brussels……maybe even Verhofstadt starts to "understand" ANY thing, this political corrupt "Belge" is all about…..

  22. If it hadn’t been for the liberals softies and the other gutless pro EU idiots we would have had this sorted by now and I told people at the beginning that after we leave others will follow and France will be next because there’s to many countries in the EU that just take money out put nothing in and when uk leave you watch what happens next