EU recovery fund is ‘Monopoly money’! (4k)

According to one prominent Italian politician, his country is being offered Monopoly money to help recover from the pandemic.

Now, we all know that there are two factions in the EU at the moment, one side wants the whole EU to fund the economic revival of the member states hardest hit by the pandemic using grants, and the other side wants the money to be loaned and then paid back.

The Italians, already left raw by the inaction of Brussels feel left out in the cold and would definitely like to see some free grants coming their way.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. What a sad little man. Has anyone told him that the UK is not a member of the EU? Their internal squabbles do not concern us but I guess this is a nice distraction from the hundreds of Britons continuing to die of Covid-19 because of our inept Taylor-minded anti-intellectual, ideologically purged excuse for a government.

  2. All money is monopoly money, it's not real. National boundaries are similarly unreal. A real thing is something that doesn't go away if nobody believes in it.

  3. The 'prominent Italian politician' is fascist nutter Matteo Salvini. Well, that explains everything then. A guy who looks like Alexander Lukashenko parrots bullshit from neo-fascist sources. You can't make that shit up.

  4. Yet more BS from Jeff, one unknown Italian far right politician says so IS NOT what is happening. The EU has a better financial package that the UK, just for a change.

  5. Countries like Greece, Italy, Spain have taken the brunt of the immigrants welcomed by the northern countries and in the same breath the northern countries control the fiscal policies ensuring that they will flourish while the poorer southern countries will continue to struggle and become poorer and poorer. Then the northern countries blame the poorer nations for the actions of the rich northern countries.
    If Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece left the EU and formed their own small TRADING group then they could work together to capitalise on their assets while being able to refuse the vast number of migrants currently forced upon them by France and Germany, and slowly – using their own individual currencies – grow their manufacturing and horticultural industries and begin to recover from the economic doldrums forced upon them by the rich northern EU economies and politicians.
    An EU consisting of wealthy northern european countries has a better chance of succeeding as well.

  6. I pray ? for the ?? Italians ?? and other victims of the coronavirus and for the speedy recovery of ?? PM Johnson ?? , who dared to deliver Brexit and who will not appease the unelected EU Prison Wardens!

    Once again, the EU Prison Wardens Mrs. Ursula von der Leyden and company want to punish the ”the irresponsible financially PIG nations (??????????)” again! Never mind human life, money comes first for these unelected Scribes and Pharisees who proclaim that there is solidarity towards the imprisoned countries chained inside the EU Prison. The EU Prison Wardens are hypocrites, and they lie towards the citizens of the EU Prison like the Scribes and Pharisees who we're hypocrites towards God (Elohim) and who even though lies and deceits crucified the Messiah the Son of God and displayed ”their true love” towards God! Truly, it is another opportunity for the EU Prison Wardens to punish the PIG nations once again and benefit from the COVID-19 crisis. For the EU Prison Wardens, balance budgets + 3% of GDP and austerity are far more critical than EU Prisoners’ lives! 3% is the EU Prison profit! So much for EU Prison's ”solidarity and ethical behavior!”

    President Putin of Russia ?? demonstrated more solidarity towards the Italians by sending a Russian Army disinfection unit and other medical supplies than the EU Prison Wardens. Thank you ? , President Putin!

    The EU Prison Wardens proclaim that there is solidarity in the EU! The coronavirus proved that it is a farce. Both the Greek and the Italian prime ministers made a sensible proposal to create the coronavirus bond to help the economies of member nations to recover from the shut down of the economies of the member nations once the coronavirus plague is under control! ”Her Highness” Angela Merkel rejected the coronavirus bond proposal and proposed more of her deadly medication, and that is austerity. Her Highness deadly medicine is responsible for the economic destruction and deprivation of ?????????? and others. I will never forget the fact that Her Highness lethal drug ? is responsible for thousands of our fellow human beings to take their own lives.

    Here is an extract from Mr. Rodney Atkinson of, who provides us with additional proof of the fact that there is no solidarity in the EU. President Putin and the Russians sent a disinfection unit to Italy and proved that the Russians have sympathy with the Italian people!

    “For all of these characteristics the European Union is responsible, and the weakened state of not just Italy but the southern EU states, in general, leads the World Health Organisation to warn that Italy, Greece, and Portugal will have the highest mortality rates from antimicrobial resistance.

    Since Italy joined the EU driven imperial project – the Euro – in 1999, there has been virtually no growth at all in Italy. Debt is now at 134% of GDP – way past what is normally regarded as critical. 80% of Italian 15-24 year olds are unable to find full time work. There is an ongoing Italian banking crisis and, unable to get help from the EU, in April 2019 Italy signed up to the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” with trade and industrial agreements in energy, steel and gas and economic cooperation in trade, transport, infrastructure and connectivity.

    According to the World Health Organisation Italy has the second best health service in the world. That is the theory. But in the last 20 years, as the Euro took its toll on the economy and social and health care suffered (as elsewhere in the southern member states of the EU) the number of Italian public hospitals shrank from 566 to 431 by about 15%.

    Even worse between 2000 and 2017 the number of hospital beds collapsed from 268,057 to 192,548 units. That is 3.18 beds per one thousand people. Germany and France who hold the Eurozone purse strings had respectively 8 beds per thousand and 5.98 beds per thousand. So much for EU solidarity. ”

    Besides, many of our fellow human beings are rotting in prisons because these people cannot pay Her Highness and Reichmarshall Sauble’s barbaric and unreasonable taxes. The plague of the coronavirus proved to all of us that solidarity inside the EU is another fabrication of the infamous EU Prison propaganda machine!

    It’s time for a grand exit of nations from the EU Prison and to become once again democratically self-governed nations where their citizens can live with dignity and happiness.

    ?????????? ITALEXIT??????????
    ??????????SPAINEXIT ??????????
    ???????? ??PORTEXIT ??????????
    ?????????? CYPRUSEXIT ??????????

  7. Norway issues Fishing
    Licenses only to Norwegians or companies 60% owned by Norwegians. The
    UK seem to be following this same idea on reading the Fisheries Act

  8. I understood no funding mechanism had been agreed as the ECB could not print the Euros fast enough to fill a few dozen super tankers to deliver it to Rotterdam and then by thousands of juggernauts to Brussels. Or was it that there was a shortage of printing ink? Perhaps they never thought of an IOU, how many zeros may have been the problem. Odd as the EU have a track record of spending cash like it was going out of fashion.

  9. It's a tough one. …Giving grants is like giving your teenage kid an iPhone.
    The minute he breaks it, he'll want another.
    Tell him to find a job, he'll be offended, because he expects, you can pay for it.
    So if you don't, he'll run away. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
    As ar as I can tell,
    the Netherlands has been paying large sums to the EU, not seeing any returns.
    So I can imagine, they're fed up, covering other countries, that only want more.
    I bet, Germany feels the same way.
    But we are talking about human lives here.
    So I can imagine, somewhere in the future, if a country want's a bail out,
    they will have to give up their sovereignty.
    Because, if they keep draining from others, maybe their government is not
    taking care of their business properly.
    So much so …
    I can relate to Brexit.
    It is an early warning sign.
    Because their history showes, they get out if things get too hot.
    Like rats, leaving a sinking ship.
    They have a good reason, doing so.

  10. The printing presses of the U.K. and USA will resort to printing money soon, by the shed full, inflation as a tool of national finance.