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  1. Slovakia depends on Russian oil almost 100%. Raffinery in capital is adjusted to Russian crude oil. It is impossible to replace Russian crude oil in Slovakia even beyond 2023. EU shall collapse by end od 2023…

  2. Euripides said. Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad 😡. Soon the Europeans will be going to Russia 🇷🇺 and asking for political asylum to save them from starvation which the EUROPEAN Union 🇪🇺 is imposing on them.

  3. USA now threatening Solomon Islands as they are allowing China to have a base their. Thousands of miles away and they say it's a threat to USA. Yet, RUSSIA is threatened with Nukes on their own doorstep and USA want's Russia destroyed. USA is in for a very big SHOCK.

  4. Somehow it is sad that there are no engaged people who work for their lives and idealistically inform people on the side.

    all have to beg, get donations.

    I used my talents to become independent.

    On the side I supported people and informed people, researched.

    Never would I have asked for money for that.

    You are all not credible and honorable for me.

  5. Why is everyone so surprised at the West's actions? After all, these are the same people that go around putting embargoes on nations that starve out women and children!

  6. This is a lesson for all in India – Tata, Reliance Group, Adani Group etc to sell all the assets, withdraw and reinvest in India. Otherwise, sooner or later, UK, USA, EU will confiscate Indian assets for taking neutral stand.
    The whole initiative of garnering cash to fund Ukraine is shameful.

  7. The most insane thing i have read is the news from Montyan chat, that blows my mind over and over. Translating:

    But the most incredible thing I saw in connection with Russian oil was the beginning of its supplies to the UAE. for the first time in history, Russian oil went to one of the richest oil countries in the Persian Gulf. 740 thousand barrels are going to the Emirats port of Fujairah. So far, no one knows how this can happen, and they are making assumptions.
    The most interesting of them is the incredible demand for oil from the EU countries, which are massively trying to get rid of Russian oil. Thus, the EU has created a stir in the world market by buying up all oil shipments around the world. So the Emirates decided to sell all their oil with molecules of democracy and freedom to the EU at a high price, and buy undemocratic Russian oil for themselves. I'm sure they'll get over it. I fully assume that the example of the UAE will be followed by the Saudis, and Kuwait and Oman, who will gladly sell their "democratic oil" to the EU for $ 100, and then send the same tankers to Russian ports — and bring back Russian oil for 70. 🤓
    Perhaps the Arabs will start making some kind of blend with Russian oil and will sell it further to third countries. But, in any case, the fact remains. If you have a certain amount of something, then the sum will not change from rearranging the places of the terms. Therefore, by rejecting Russian oil, the EU will simply buy more expensive oil that was intended for other buyers. But other buyers left without oil will not sit idly by and will buy oil where there is a surplus of it. That is, in Russia.

  8. Why do you say that inflation is caused by the sanctions on Russia?? Do you even understand economics?? The opportunity to blame Russia for inflation when is the corporate class the ones rising prices in order to increase profits is the fact not your myopic interpretation. At least in the USA that is the reason. This war is most than anything an economic war against the people. Russia and Ukraine are only the excuse and opportunity for war itself as a profiting enterprise.

  9. ''Ukraine General Yan Kazemirovich: Zionists & Masonic Mafia now control Ukraine, Simferopol 07Mar14''; yT-Channel 'Public Enquiry', Apr 23, 2022. Actually, iNaZIO controls the entire 'Western World' & th-us&erefor practically the entire globe. Hence, there's no such thing as WW I, II, III; the one&only perpetual&ubiquitous&pervasive WW started w/t ''Jewish Diaspora''. Since then, 'World' became 'Globe'; 'Jews' transform&mutat-ed into iNaZIO; 'undoing the Diaspora' became 'enslav&assimilat-ing Humankind' i/t J'Borg 'Hive' aka 'the Collective'. The con-comitant&sequent death&destruction grew&spiralled hyperbolical&unimaginab-ly far beyond good&evil. 'Resistance = futile', indeed! ''They Live'' (1988) & 'r winning BIG; th-us&ereby fermenting a global dystopic concoction of: ''Idiocracy'' (2006) + ''Brave New World'' (1980) + ''1984'' (1984) + ''Fahrenheit 451'' (1966) + ''Soylent Green'' (1973) + ''Gattaca'' (1997) + ''Chekist'' (1992) + ''Bitter Harvest'' (2017) :_[ hYlkeW

  10. Yellen knows that the economy of Europe will collapse. It's already happening in Germany. Manufacturing companies are closing down. This will only escalate. When the economy of Germany collapses the whole European economy will also collapse. New leaders will emerge and they won't be lefties or liberals, and for the first time in a long time, the US won't be in control of Europe. THAT is what bothers Yellen.

  11. I used to watch AdamSomething. The guy is so illiterate when it comes to the historical context and facts surrounding Ukraine-Russia. He is a rabid Russophobe and clearly hates them to the point of openly supporting Nazis. But we shouldn't be all that surprises. History has shown us that when push comes to shove, liberals will always side with Nazis (like they did in Germany) just to spite the international, revolutionary left and the fight against imperialism.

  12. It's a warning to the world that do not invest in the western countries as they will steal your money from you in the name of sanctions, that's what they are telling the world inhabitants, take care of your money, look what they have done to Iraqis, Afghan, Libya, Syria and now Russia and if they are doing it to the Russians what about us the so called 3rd wotld country, we aren't safe anymore especially with empty air shaking hand president and his comedian backed up president in that once a beautiful country but now in ruin just because of someone who prefer to be praised and applauded with the western powers instead of looking for something to save his country from more damage and losses of lives and destructions of properties, awake everybody

  13. Yay some real news instead about hearing about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on MSM, the people who keep up with that crap deserve what they will not be prepared for, keep up the good work

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  15. Cenk Uygur a dip shit who denies the Armenian genocide ever happened. He supports Azov Battalion. Then Cenk Uygur sarcastically goes like the right wing supporting Russia is the best thing I've ever seen. Pretty much saying people will vote for Joe Biden again because Russia. I'd rather side with the Donetsk People's Republic and Lugansk/Luhansk People's Republic instead of the dip shit that denies the Armenian genocide, Pontic Greek genocide and Assyrian genocide Cenk Uygur.

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