EU slammed by Finnish MEP! (4k)

As if the woes of the Southern EU states weren’t enough for Brussels, we now have a Finnish MEP laying into the eurozone.After Italy getting royally shafted and the Germans looking forward to a 42% uplift in their EU contributions we now have indications that things aren’t all hunky dorey where the EU northern member states are concerned.

During an EU parliament Brexit debate, the Finnish MEP, Laura Huhtasaari, gave the Eurocrats a bit of a broadside when she said:

“I would like to congratulate Great Britain they just saved around €80billion.

“Soon no one in Britain will even dare to admit voting against Brexit.”




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. at the meantime: "The poll, carried out by Taloustutkimus, indicates that 56 percent of Finnish residents have a positive view of EU membership while only 13 percent see it negatively. The rest, nearly one in three respondents, are neutral on the issue." Any objections to sovereign country opinion clearly expressed in polls?

  2. Hey Jeff, I saw some pigeons shitting on the roof of the EU-Parliament!

    Isn´t that also mentionable in your forum, eh????

    Dont blow up farts into a hurricane, watch facts that MATTERS

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  4. Wow! One entire MEP from Finland, a land that is solidly supportive of the EU, has a complaint?? That definitely means the end of the 63 year project, for sure!! I mean, just because millions of people and 27 nations are fully behind it, hardly means it will continue much longer. And based on how much the whole world looks up to the mighty mighty UK, with its tiny houses and low standard of living, soon the EU will crumble! Sure, Brits have been predicting this for decades, but I think THIS TIME it will happen!

  5. Unless there is an agreement between Finnish and Russian lawmakeres, Finland will not leave EU too many strings attached to the west, even Bellurus are playing double agent with EU and Russia

  6. I think they should get the hell out like us. I'm convinced that once this fake pandemic is over, and we can all go back to business as usual, the UK will have a major economic boom. Why? Because everything the Marxist media says is the polar opposite of the truth.

  7. At least the EU can be satisfied with not having to deal with the UK's largest economic crash in the world. Loss of gdp is over 15% in the UK compared to only 10% in de EU. UK debt now over 100% of gdp.

  8. Jeff, for God's sake, get off the fantasy ride. The EU has the upper hand in all this madness, regardless of the infighting within the EU.
    The ice cold splash of the planned crash out will tell the tale.

  9. The Finnish position is going to have zero impact on the British situation. However the position of the EU, in overwhelmingly supporting their stance and rejecting that of the UK, will have dire consequences.

  10. Oh I can't wait for Brexit, you lot are going to look pretty funny when you wake up.??

    Oh by the way brexit will cost the UK 200 billion by Jan 2021????

  11. Any human process that creates or requires a bureaucracy will become toxic. Simply because that is the natural environment of the pathological personalities. Because: Responsibility is absolutely dependent on the pertinence of any response.
    Also the main reason why government social policies always cost more than the value of the service they provide. Whereas free markets get the job done for those who are committed to freedom as a duty, it's a 'right' that has to be protected. See 'The Road to Wigan Pier'.

  12. I would not listen to this lady as she represent a nationalist racism party. Latest scandal is their finnish parlament mp how publiced in his twitter a picture of the dead Floyd with pink colored face, and the text PINK FLOYD. This is not the only scandal for her party. This lady also have plagaded her bachler work in university and she openly has anounced that she do not belive in the evaluation, only in that God created every thing. So plse Jeff, spend at least 1 hour on background checking.

  13. the virus & riots, looting, arson, and violence are all part of a plot to bring down western culture. it's China, Soros, and all the corrupt palms they greased with money, threats, blackmail, and bribery. Satanists all…

  14. The whole EU project is a glorified protection racket for French agriculture and German engineering. Almost everybody else, unless they have been a net beneficiary of EU funding, has been well and truly shafted.