EU threatens Serbia with more BULLSH*T and “difficult decisions” | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The leaders of France and Germany have sent a letter to Serbian President Vucic telling him to work out that little spat that he’s got going on with Kosovo. That’s nice of them to say so but the border conflict was actually already worked out last week. So why are NATO leaders bossing Serbia around
right now?

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Written by Redacted


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  1. Thanks guys to help truth coming out finally about our country. We watch you all the time here in Serbia and we love what you are doing, telling the truth about so many topics. Keep that way and thank you once more.

  2. Kosovo shouldn’t of been drawn on the map as a separate region separated from Serbia. Tito did that after WW2 they have been trying to destroy a little orthodox country on the Balkans for centuries now.

  3. It is amazing how the world seems to have inverted. It's beginning to look like the decent honorable people who care about the well being of their populations. Are in and from the old eastern bloc nations, third world African countries and South American nations such as Brazil and Chile. America has wanted us in the west to believe that these countries are run by evil despots. I think I know who the despots are, the American administrations past and present should look in the mirror.

  4. You cant separate Serbia and Russia since they are sharing both the Cyrillic alphabet and the religion. Serbia are practicing different politics than Russia Both countries are Greek Orthodox. For Serbia to sanktion Russia is to turn your back to your blood brother. Even if Serbia want to become a part of the European trade market it cant turn against Russia.

  5. China has already provide anti air missiles systems, to Serbia. I think the RPC hardware is not so good as Russian, but the Serbians are extreme operators, the sufficient to make nato out of intervention.

  6. Good report. Very shameful that the French would side with the Germans against Serbia with whom they were allies in two world wars. Serbia and Russia have been friends going far back and Serbia has no justification on turning on its old friend, which is common with Americans and the West. France has really changed since the days of De Gaulle. If you could bring back the WWI and WWII French vets, what would they think of their leaders today?

  7. Is the letter a threat? Why didn't NATO leaders send the same letter to Kosovo ? Remember how Vucicwas treated like a child by Trump at the WH. Vucic was given a low bench with Trump sitting on his huge armchair
    staring down on Vucic! Just remember the insult. Anybody remember this?

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