EU to create an army, end VETO rights for countries and more

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. The removal of the veto ensures, guarantees, makes unavoidable, the enhanced bribery of EU officials – to make the venture even more corrupt. Welcome to subservience my fellow europeans.

  2. Thanks Vee, this is really important to talk about what is happening in Europe and it is sad to see what is slowly happening. However, it is sad to see in the comments on any conservative channels that people are rooting for Russia, hard to say if they are too ignorant or stupid.

  3. The V4 would not leave the EU, they would have a lot to lose if they did. The conflict in Ukraine showed that if you are not in an Alliance you are at the mercy of the powers of the continent. Especially under the threat that the USA could stop being interested in what happens in Europe

  4. Stock pile staples and canned food people, The Germans are coming. You wanna blame anyone , blame the Americans. It was their money that allowed the crazies to gain power again. This is their third attempt at continental domination, in the middle of rising prices, and shortages.
    Gotta love German optimism! They think Murphy's law is a suggestion, not a universal constant.
    They are gonna learn different, again,and this time we wont entertain any Innocence nonsense. This time will be final.
    Last time the Americans and the Soviets were scrambling all over to save their nazi buddies. This time we rid Europe from their curse.

  5. With Orban being more and more pro-Russia, even his "friends" in the V4 are starting to side with the EU over him, specially Poland. Poland may have problems with the French-German alliance, but they are more willing to deal with it than to be under Russian influence again.

  6. Today on the Radio some Professor told us (Austrians) that we should belive in conspiracys about restricting freedoms and all because our country did Bad things in 1940s
    And now this stuff well i thougt the EU couldnt fuck more shit up

  7. The Europeans, never understood how America came to be. They talk about "grass root" but they don't really believe it. They imagine it MUST have been from the TOP DOWN. That must have been the only way in their mins. In reality, at that time almost all Americans were independent and self governing. The British called it the protestant revolt or the protestant uprising. Because it was essentially led by this network of communities all along the coast. Ohh and a good portion of them spoke the same language, and had the same traditions, values and culture unlike Europe.

  8. It is a trade union. Hmmmmm. Like people can see trends of history and figure out that eventually , inevitably , the EU will try to grab more power . 30years 50 years 70 years, eventually it will

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