EU To Finally Compromise On Level Playing Field

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EU To Finally Compromise On Level Playing Field

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. UK always wanted something for free, England should never have been in the EU, it doesn't fit with the education and the law, UK always protect criminals, pedophile, drunk people drug dealers etc etc

  2. The sooner we get out the better, big big mistake made 40 years ago never to be repeated again, level playing field they talking about doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, if there was, we wouldn’t have had conflicts,wars , famine and droughts

  3. Please tell me you're not this dumb… The EU hasn't shifted position. And your description of the EU side of the debate is laughable. Do you have the slightest idea how the EU actually functions?

  4. The British Brexitteers must know, deal or no deal, the UK will be the loser. They forget that since 2016 the Pound lost 35% against the euro and dollar. Next year the British currency will lose 20%, (maybe more), deal or no deal…The British pound since 2016 is considered an EM currency.

  5. Angela Merkels recent vitriol towards the UK is nothing new. Its as if her response was in retaliation to the UK Brexit discussions. Infact she has always detested the UK, and its her and her allies that has caused the rift to open up between the EU and UK. Well I hope her unfound malice comes at great expense to her personally and her job.

  6. The ludicrous 'Level Playing Field' was always a red herring. Barnier used it as a bluff to show as a 'concession' by the EU. They're conceding nothing.

  7. Do the stupid people here not realise that the EU are only trying to do a Deal based on the WA that was agreed and signed off on by the PM ?
    The U.K. are now saying the EU are being bullies because Johnson is not a man of his word and has reneged on what he already agreed to.
    Japan realise the U.K. cannot be trusted and last week said as much by telling the U.K. to wait until THEY are good and ready to maybe doing a very small deal.

  8. They wont budge for a free trade deal, these people are new world order. If they do then their project will fail as all other countries will also leave when they realise they can have the power and take bacl their countries soverignty like we have.

  9. No deal ! No level playing field they simply want to put the brakes on us , we will do whatever it takes to be successful they can get stuffed ! No surrender boris we made you we can break you !

  10. Must find out what BURNLEY FC think,s because I am to stupid and to white to have an opinion (and for FK sake stop the complete prick MEE being interviewed

  11. Maybe the Kent apple producers will have free access to the Normandy orchards? Presumably the French would consider this normal because they think they have the right to enter British territory to steal fish.

  12. How the mighty fall…
    And stall….
    This is the action of a has been corporation which is desperate but still trying to show the world it has control and power ….let's hope Boris can see this and strike when they are at their most vunerable .
    Remember Barnier
    "Pride goest before the fall …"

  13. The EU doesnt speak for Europe. The EU simply promotes itself. Any institution which only serves itself is destined to failure. Institutions need the support of the people.

  14. I don´t know why you are so hysteric about the level playing field. If you want to keep exporting to the EU you have to follow their rules, anyway.

  15. It's odd that Mahyar have gotten the idea that a level playing field would prevent the UK from dealing with other countries? When I was a part of the Helicopter Operations Sub Committee under the JAA the term "level playing field" referred to a principle that one operator should not be allowed to undercut other operators by lowering the safety level and thus save money. In trade as I understand it the level playing field means much the same but is also including workers right, environmental considerations and healthy foods free from poisonous chemicals
    So what is it Mahyar and a lot of britt's hate so much with these principles?

  16. You’re not getting our fish ya b#stards..we’re not gonna let you decimate our fish stocks with your huge & ridiculous super trawlers..British fish from British waters are for British want can buy them. Call in the navy, change a few laws & start confiscating any invading vessels, before handing them to British fishermen..SIMPLE !

  17. You will swallow your words one day is no better deal in the world then EU
    Trump soon will come out and see what is left Australian biscuits haha LOL later fisherman and farmers

  18. It's been an expensive club to be a member of. We hand over millions of pounds, they give us SOME of it back. Mmmm, sounds like a $hitty deal to me. No, we'll go the WTO route, support our own farming and manufacturing industry with our OWN money, and make our own rules and regulations. We'll arrange our own trade deals – like the ones we've already negotiated. Europe is not in a good state just now. They're rattling the collecting tin among the EU gang, looking for 750 million euros to fund recovery after the corona virus……..

  19. I dont trust the EU at all!! They dont compromise there is always an alteria motive with the EU. They are only interested in dictating & dominating!! We will not & must not negotiate our fishing!! They can negotiate fishing with our fisherman regarding cost etc once the transition period ends!! We must not end up being aligned to the EU regarding fishing rights EU laws etc. We are an individual country able to make our own laws and fast track our own future with the WTO.