EU-UK bust-up coming! It’s about to go ballistic! And Labour leader Keir-Starmer self isolates.

It looks like the EU and UK are heading for one almighty bust-up over the Northern Ireland Protocol.
And the Labour Party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has just been forced to self isolate.





Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. I believe most brexiteers knew that the Brussels dictates were never going to let the UK go without further punishment. The WA treaty containing this NI protocol should never have been signed. This NI/EU chaos was predicted by many people, but as usual Boris knew best.

  2. The speed of the EU rejection tells me that the EU Commission had pre agreed it with Berlin and Paris with no other permissions required. Those two countries seek our destruction and ride the EU as a demolition vehicle.

  3. In insisting that the UK obey every word of the agreement, the EU would be on firmer ground if it obeyed its own laws and agreements. But it doesn't.
    Perhaps the UK should consider taking an equally pedantic view of lorries/goods going the other way?

  4. We’re selling out N/I time to walk away completely and tell the eu where to go. A conservative government letting the uk be broken up

  5. It’s time to tell the EU no deal stop paying this horrible nasty EU leaders we have left the EU now wash your hands of them

  6. We are still not free of the EU. Time to trash the N Ireland Protocol. Why did Bojo sign it? It was obvious it could break the UK and that is what the E U want. They will not re negotiate.

  7. Starmer should isolate forever ..he’s ruined the Labour Party ..what a joke these tests are as healthy people again are told to go home ,all to suit the narrative to try and get everyone jabbed’s becoming like Nazi ?? Germany ..