EU Warning To Italy BACKFIRES Spectacularly

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“Von der Leyen’s warning message to Italy irks election candidates. ‘What is this, a threat?’, Italy’s Salvini asked von der Leyen” Politico:

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Written by Michael Heaver


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  1. ALL ruling/governing parties are AUTHORITARIAN period. so DON'T talk about democracy , it SIMPLY DON'T exist besides democracy is defined as : minority rules and fleece the majority SURE one can vote BUT we the politician have the FINAL say on EVERYTHING

  2. This can`t be "German" dictate because this implies the majority of Germans stands behind this. I highly doubt that. Germans are done with this EU crap as much as the rest of us. They are not gaining anything from this like the rest of us.

  3. EU not yet learn what go round come round. Imply something in negative would be consequences will likewise come back toward you! Blessing curses are set choose wise whatever is karma of your choice. EU is authoritative.. of aggroance lacking faith in fellow managing his her own affair like a country own sovereign! No difference from Left's foundation of Authoritative Too Much !

  4. Are the Southern EU states funding the illegal immigrants to cross their country and travel to the UK. A programme I watched on the Sicilians welcoming them off the boats and commenting how they don't want to stay there. The EU is dumping them on the UK.

  5. First of all. I like women. Secondly. Have you ever thought about why there are separate categories for men and women at the Olympics? Running, weightlifting, judo, etc. Why is there a separate category for men and for women in chess? Finally, a quite natural question. Why is there a woman at the head of the EU? Why does anyone want to change the laws of nature? What and to whom do you want to prove something? Well, if you don't like it, it can't be helped… keep experimenting, fools.

  6. Evil Ursula… just like in the Disney flick. How very ironic. How are there so many synchronicities occurring? It is like the plotline for a crazy video game…
    I wonder who gets the high score in this game? Perhaps the Developer is watching everything unfold… that would simply be crazy, wouldn't it? Crazy indeed.

  7. Love your work Michael. Keep up the efforts to build your alternative media channel, and remember you got more appeal than Don Lemon for those internet news consumers looking for a side serve of "eye candy" as click bait – hey if you got it, use it/flaunt it. But use it to open minds and keep delivering the anti-globalist message.

  8. I am Italian and I completely agree with Ursula Von Der layen! There is no more nations pride, there is only Europe! We simply don't want to end up like Britain! Less nationalism and more Europe!

  9. dysfunction in family , kids on drugs , mum with affairs , arguments over dinner table , father’s unemployed for years , whole family without credit and on benefits , fights with neighbours frequently . Sounds familiar ?

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