Europe Goes Mad Over Omicron

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  1. The number of times I see normies casually discussing their next booster jab etc etc. It's like a highlight in their life. A conversation was commenced by a customer of mine on Covid. I immediately said I'm sick of hearing about it frankly. She proceeded to talk at me for another 10 mins.. about covid. I have never hated society more than I do currently.

  2. The treatment towards unvaccinated people in Germany is absolutely despicable. I say that as a vaccinated person, it is off the walls insane and most of my friends just nod along with whatever drivel the MSM puts out there. Can't wait for the return of the Brown Shirts kicking peoples doors in to "check their vaccination status".

  3. You can discuss Covid as long as your views are lined up with the Government, go against them and you get a strike on your channel.

    Hmm, sounds very similar to an era that most of our grandparents thought in a war (some sadly died in it) to end.

  4. Censorship on you tube… And Massive over reaction on the Moronic strain… Let us ignore what has been seen so far in that it is a mild strain , so mild that it had probably gone under the radar for some time as the symptoms seem to be minor and short lived…

  5. All these people need to do is take governments to court and civil actions against the leaders who voted for this and watch as they quickly change their mind when they realise they will personally get hit for cash

  6. American living in Botswana. We knew about the new "variant" since July. It's December. No lockdowns or curfews, no increase in cases. You can verify this (and data) on the Health Ministry and BWGovernment FB pages/sites. No mandates except for precautions. Just sharing some experience from ground zero.

  7. Man, the west has been lost, we'll never fully recover from this. Our societies simply can't come back from such wholesale disregard of such fundamental rights. Europe grew comfy and fat, grew complacent, readily surrendering for the sake of "safety" any means for you to resist..No firearms, you can't even use offensive language..

  8. Yeah vaccines definitely work look at Gibraltar and singapore zero cases. They’ve got the most vaccinated so of course they Should have the least amount of cases. Wait what? Your saying they had a huge spike despite 99% compliance. If you’ve got to force something on someone it should be raising eyebrows.

  9. If you still have any faith in your fellow man, just remember that the only thing standing between a civil society and your neighbor herding you into a camp is a bad cold.

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