Europe Is Cracking

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Europe Is Cracking

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  1. You are avoiding the real issue of the EU. The EU makes more than 70% of all laws and policy for all the countries in the EU. These laws are not made in a Democratic process where they go through a Senate and Congress. These laws are not even made by Democratically elected people. These laws are made behind closed doors by unelected officials. We are talking about pure dictatorship.

  2. We Europeans will be just fine. We just to have to turn on the computer and see the hole picture of the death, looting, raping, and destruction. We will make it especially to tramp down this disease from spreading.

  3. Mrs. Selenky who is not elected to represent Ukraine is sitting in EU Parliament, that Ukraine is not member of, beside Ursula who is dressed all in Ukraine yellow-blue to campaign military spendings for Ukraine probably from the budget that is held back from Hungary and Poland. Just think about it… there is basically nothing democratic about it!

  4. This îs a shity Chanel, use by putler propaganda. Îs shity like other Chanels wivh predicted China or Russia collapse 😂😂😂
    This kind of channels eat shit all Day, they don't use an obiective analisys

  5. There is -0.0000 corruption in Ukraine, so we support the "democracy" there. All this since February 2022, a sudden change from the 1000% corruption to the not at all. A "truly" unique metamorphosis….

  6. I'll never realize the reason why Europe doesn't want Russian cheap gas… How about free trading, democracy principles and so on… Some people forgot how Ukraine had been stealing Russian gas for years on the way to Europe.

  7. You are telling sheet ! You know nothing ! If someone would take any decision based your knowledge and mind set then we are definitely fucked %100 !!! I hope no one would take your thoughts in consideration !!

  8. QUESTION for Ursula von der Leyen: WHY didn't the EU put 'sanctions' on the US for all the 'invasions, regime-change wars, and military occupation of sovereign countries that got hundreds of thousands of 'innocent civilians' slaughtered?

    Answer: It's called HYPOCRISY

  9. There's damn sure going to be a massive reset alright! NOT the one old as dirt not king Charlie and Klaus were planning and wasted they're life's doing so! THEY ARE DONE HERE BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE OF OUR WORLD SAY SO! We've had it! DONE! OVER! Nursing homes and strained carrots are your next big agenda, trust us! "DONE"!

  10. It's not about democracy, wich by the way doesn't exist, or autocracy. All this is and allways was about money. Rich and powerfull against poor. If there is democracy we should have equally. Everything is just big lies, covered by empty dishonest words.

  11. Thinking positive will not change the cock-ups these people have made all rushing to be morally correct (where morals will lead humans astray and even get loads of people killed also morals have nothing to do with 'truth' or the actual underlying 'reality')

  12. VDL would create a crisis in her kitchen, not to speak of Europe. Her megalomaniac ideology is killing the European member states. The Brussels dictatorship would not know how to spell the word ‘democracy’ .

  13. Germany fukked up by relying on cheap Russian gas (and letting the US do all the defense spending as the Orange Man said it would), but to think this doesn't hurt Russia is laughable! Putin just had to lick Xi's boots just to get China to buy oil at a 40% cut rate. Russia does not have the technical expertise to maintain their oil & gas fields without Western technology & assistance. So long Vlad!

  14. russia is crippling europe and the west.nowmimagine if china decided to have a go?.we think we can live in isolation? not in this global world.not in the world THEY created.
    people are just finding out how dependant we are on them.i wish theyde figure out WHY its happening too.

  15. You know, all it takes is for one of the Black Sea EU countries to make their own deal with Gazprom and supply Hungary and Serbia with Russian gas and oil. The longer the war goes on, the greater the chances of the EU falling apart.

  16. Idiotic leader like van der Leyen couldn’t have said more silly words to the citizens of EU …very silly ! Sanctions are working for Russia 🇷🇺! Not against …only EU is hit by these stupid sanctions .
    We, people are not stupid as she things ! Get a life Ms. Vonder Leyen .

  17. HISTORY: Germans good guys? NO, (Hitler). French good guys? NO, (Napoleon, 1870 invasion of Prusia) , Crimean War. British good guys? NO. Colonialists extra, Crimean war. The three support Kickbackistan, 1st most corrupt country in Europe, 3rd most corrupt in the world. Don't recall Russia invaded Britian, France or Germany (without a valid reason).

  18. The EU has no future, it’s not going to last. I lived in Europe for 20 years, the European people would like to back where all country’s have their own independence, they don’t even like each other’s, the industrial rich country s feel like they have to support the poor country’s. Good example is brexit.

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