Europe is facing a serious economic crisis over energy, says RBC’s Helima Croft

Helima Croft, head of global commodity strategy at RBC Capital Markets, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss what’s driving oil prices lower. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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Written by CNBC Television


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  1. "He's so evil"

    This is from the same scroundel who a couple months ago wishing for Russia's economic destruction. Let's not forget the West weaponisation of finance and all sanction they brought. They are the one who pull the trigger. You want an economic war? You got one.

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  3. That guy sounds like a little child. What kind of commentary is “omg he’s so evil”?

    These people are propagandists and their gods are incompetent fools. They’ve all been cheering on not only “green” energy but also sanctions and prolonged war. What pathetic people. I pity soulless ghouls.

  4. Simple logic… europe imposed sanctions on russia and now russia imposing restrictions on gas… these will create civil unrest in europe and lead to civil wars in europe

  5. Really clear and detailled thanks to the lady for scenarios, it seems there are many wildcards and each one makes one wrong turn means a world of economic pain for eu or for us

  6. i was laughing my ass off when i herd this. i can imagine Putin sitting at his desk with his computer on sending emails to the whole world saying " ok everybody oil is at 200 a barrel since i took the 8 million barrels a day off the market, starting the bidding at 150" ha ha ha. this is hilarious. i can also imagine the countries who did not get any saying to Putin "you still have a lot left over" Putin will respond with "we have to keep the prices high and that is why we are using the rest for our metallurgy industries. ok now the biddings will start on aluminum". ha ha ha.

  7. @3:14 Putin is so evil he is "going to use the economic card" This is scary! We (Ukraine/NATO) used the economic card and now Putin is using the economic card. We (Ukraine/NATO) have been shelling the nuclear power plant at Zaporizhzhia, does Putin now start shelling a nuclear plant in western Ukraine?

  8. How is he Evil when the US and EU have been battling the hardest to cripple the Russian economy?! Its not just this year, Russia has been getting sanctioned for all sorts of flimsy reasons for years. Its the US and Russia that removed Russian banks from SWIFT, sanctions a pipeline that was supposed to deliver gas to Europe at a cheap price for long term, almost all the sectors and companies of Russia has been sanctions. I mean they even froze more than 300 billion dollars of its foreign reserves. But somehow Russia has to save European economies even as they seek to crush Russia? What does the word stupid mean?

  9. Not to worry . The EUC president , Ursula von der Liar has assured that she has the magic wand on how to overcome the energy crisis and probable recession , and same time destroy Russia’s economy …….

  10. A great reminder that sanctions are not the solution for stopping the war, you need a different solution. So glad India didn't let Europe dictate and guilt trip them into imposing these sanctions too and taking them into a meaningless crisis. I hope this self reflection helps them with their hypocrisy & figure out the huge flaws with the sanction method.

  11. So if China goes to war with TW who funded the war? Why arent people running to airports evacuate for the meantime. Asean would be a great option unless you are dumb enough to fight nature and inflation.

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