Europe is turning into ‘an economic basket case’

Shadow Veterans’ Affairs Minister Barnaby Joyce says Europe’s energy policies are turning them into an “economic basket case”.

“They’re not like Australia,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Why would we mimic them?”


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  1. The methane blown up on the Noordstream pipeline blow uo is more than 500 years of Australian cattle and sheep , probably more that.
    I hear this all over the world, kill farmers, look at the World economic Forum , that aren't there for the average benefit, actually they want less farmers and less people

  2. Lol😂…seaweed😂😂😂!!! Oh my goodness, we’re living in the last days and these clowns are entertaining us.
    I can’t believe these people were voted in🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

  3. Remember the labor party is there for the working man. Very sad the Labor party have forgotten their pledge to the Australian people. What they have given us is high cost of living and net zero. Thank you Labor.

  4. I'm no bovine expert but this sounds like a lot of bovine speculation. For example, US cattle herd is roughly 80 million. Prior to populating the western US buffalo herds were roughly 70 million. I assume cows and buffalo belch and fart in similar portion. why was there no impact of methane from the buffalo herds?

  5. A lot of this nonsense is simply to make farmer's bankrupt, so hedge fund's like blackrock and super wealthy like bill gate's buy up the land at a reduced price. They also want your house, you will own nothing and be happy, build back better. ?

  6. Mr. Joyce, what warning did you give when MORRISON sold us out to Nazi Schwab / WEF? Are the Labor mob not just continuing on with the same agenda to make real food scarce so we are reduced to eating bugs and worms? I only know 4 Àustralian politicians who care about the people of this country and speak out about it.

  7. THIS IS INTENTIONAL. WEF IS CULLING THE PLANET. THEY ARE CREATING MAOs GREAT FAMINE 2.0. Less people are easier to control and leaves more resources for those Elites. They will have their grass fed cows.

  8. There is light ( the truth ) at the end of the tunnel . Those who currently control everything in government haven’t seen the light or choose to keep the general population in the dark to line their pockets . MSM is a real joke and just as guilty when it comes to the truth !

  9. No body is seen talking about the americans "leasing -lending" military equipments to ukraine in which eu countries stand surety, either to return those military material or pay the price after the war.

    EU will have to bear all the costs of war including the pay back to americans, de-industrialization of their economies, refugees who won't go back to ukraine which will be fully destroyed and all it's major productive portion being lost for ever and the biggest shame of loosing the war with putin so pathetically.

    For america the whole thing is a huge win position at the cost of EU countries although outside of this they are also sinking fast because of the "externalities" of the conflict.

  10. The US (allegedly) blows up Nordstream releasing tons and tons of methane into the atmosphere, more than a billion cows most probably could ever do, to fulfil their economic ambitions but you gotta destroy miles of shallow seas to farm seaweed to reduce methane farts? All at more cost to Joe Blog to 'save the planet'. Bonkers.

  11. Remember, the US President can sign any pledge, but until it is accepted by our Legislators, it is not legally binding. That is how President Trump could pull out of the Paris accords.

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