European ENERGY CRISIS Exposes Western Idiocy | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Saagar details the European energy crisis ensuing due to bad energy policy decisions by western countries

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Jordan Chariton:

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  1. Europeans were laughing at Trump's UN speech. US/Western leaderships aren't smart or though enough to deal with Russia, China, Iran or any authoritarian regimes. Putin is a KGB officer who assassins his opponents. Xi is a ruthless leader who sends his political enemies to death or to jail to rot. People seem to forget that dictators build their empire on bones.

  2. Sagar, I think your views are interesting, but you will see how the west rises above these issues. It is clear allowing Russian gas to take a strong position in energy supply was wrong. But that only reinforces the need for other options, energy use reduction and alternate sources of power, wind solar and nuclear. European money will muscle a way through. We have seen worse problems.

  3. France already had energy problems in wInter long before the ukraine crisis. You can`t observe energy flow for that, you need to whatch energy trades in europe. In the years 2020 and 2021 France already had to buy in on electricty from germany e.g.The nuclear energy plants are old, expensive and dependend on cooling water mainly by rivers wich are at record low water levels due to climate change. And now that germany isn`t getting any gas from russia anymore it is still filling up the nation gas reserves day by day. Also, the three nuclear power plants that are going to get off grid in the next few month only deliver a tiny amount of electricity of bulk electricity in germany.
    At the moment the current government is correcting the failures of 16 years of the right leaning government by Angela Merkel. Nuclear Power isn`t the solution to that, it costs way more per kw/h and needs several years to build. Giving up to the russian regime also isn´t the solution. Building cheap renewable energy is.
    I loved your format for several years beginning at the hill. But with the sources you select for the issues energy generation where you are fanboying nuclear energy instead of following the money or daylight saving time where you missused Andrew Hubermanns research I am dissapointed and done with your chanel for now. I am sorry. Good Bye

  4. so dont buy oil saagar! you are a clown your self. the econ behind this is to no binefit .are you a gop mouth pice all the country that are standing with ukrain and having su pay a price for a war that they started is the right thing to do. i under stand that you never been on a front line or even in a battle.but the pepole of ukrain have to pay a price because of pepole like you. that say it ok for su to go to war because they can. you need to go back to school about 5 year of world history would do you some good and you would have a greater under standing of how you miss represented the facts !putin is playing his last card and the united nation is coming up to speed fast mybe putin will under stand to work on his econ and not steal from over country .

  5. No it outlines european geography
    Any country without natural gas reserves will be hit by this crisis
    And countries like France get 71% of it's electricity from nuclear
    So EU is hardly anti nuclear.

  6. And to think…. you (as in the USA) forced Boris Johnson in April to go to Ukraine to scupper any peace talks.
    You've wanted your war with Russia for years and years….and now you have it – well, not you personally obviously.. but your corporations and government.
    The Europeans are all just shills anyway.

  7. if only someone would have been able to predict that decommissioning nuclear plants while ramping up reliance on energy from a deranged dictator would end in disaster. literal clown show

  8. Hey Hey you guys remember that 1 time when Donald Trump told Germany they're too dependent on Russian gas and they laughed at him like he was an idiot. Remember remember remember huh huh huh. I wonder what those smug c** are thinking of now. Do you think they think back on the time that Donald Trump told them that I doubt it. I guess if you can let a psychopath like Hitler take over your country you gotta be pretty dumb…..

  9. A bit harsh. Capitalism works this way, cheaper gas available, cheaper you choose. Germany's long term approach backfired big time. A lesson to learn. I believe we will come out better on the other side of this war.

  10. Ok, is everyone fed up enough with this? Nuclear power. Green, energy independent, it can remain idle when we use other green sources at almost no cost; it can be dialed up when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine (lookin at you, dank Germany). A nice plus: it impoverishes the hydrocarbon fascists (lookin at you too, Saudi Arabia). Google how incredibly safe it really is.

  11. We all treat Russia like they are a bunch of dummies. We weaponize their borders, invite former Soviet countries into NATO, and notice Russia into war, and we expect them to lay down and take it. The EUs stupidity when it comes to sourcing their energy is laughable and they would rather be woke tian to fix it. I’ll grab my popcorn as I watch them fall. Russia has bested them. America is next, I’m afraid.

  12. I'm not happy with the state of the world and the direction it's leaders in the west want to take their countries.

    But…humans are adaptable and I think the charade is coming to an end and people will adjust and come out stronger than before.

    Thats my hope.

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