European Politician Drops Truth Bombs About Ukraine War

Clare Daly, from Dublin, Ireland, is frequently a lone voice of conscience in the European Parliament, excoriating her neoliberal colleagues to pursue diplomacy over war and to consider the impact decisions they make have on everyday people in Europe and across the globe. In her latest philippic, Daly demanded that the Parliament consider following up on overtures by Italian, German and French leaders in aggressively pursuing peace in Ukraine as the threat of a global food shortage looms.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the inevitable conclusion to the Ukraine War and just how much global damage will ensue before the violence ends.

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  1. Will-stopping d war and ending sanctions bring food n gas shortages back to normal fast enough to stop d coming famine to poor people in Africa and USA? I don’t think Russia , n other nations whos economies improved after nato sanctions will be in any hurry to go back to d old business model. D poor in USA are screwed ! then throw in a psychotic, pervert coup engineering right wing loser ex president trying to burn d usa government n start a civil war (Ukraine style) n yea. Things look grim next months in d usa. . Assuming we don’t get incinerated cuz some missing nuke material from Ukraine nuke plant somehow gets shot out of a gifted advanced usa missile launcher into Russia who will clearly retaliate. So yea usa poor n people of Africa are pretty much looking at death in d cards.

  2. She say's what sensible people in the know are all thinking. It really is lunacy. The UK shops are running out of food already on certain Isles and prices are steadily rising. I'm seriously thinking of selling my car very soon because I can't afford to keep it on the road. Our leaders are crippling us just in order to stick it to Putin…Putin doesn't care

  3. Its a sad indictment on the sorry state of world politics that the likes of Clare and the likes of Mike Wallace who are true inheritors of a ancient Celtic tradition called the " Screaming Banshees " are such a rare breed , you can include yourself Mr Dore , Steff , Max ,Kurt ,Glen , Aaron , Jackson , the usual suspects God bless

  4. Controlled demolition of the world economy. Conspiracy theory says the fascist media. The U.S is undermining itself while provoking nuclear war with russia. I’ve never heard that policy advocated by either wing of the republicrats

  5. God bless Joseph Biden and the Democratic Party! Since Biden is a Catholic, you need to persuade Pope Francis to canonize Biden! The Democratic Party has done so much for the whole world, for example, it has brought democracy to Syria, Libya, and now to Ukraine! American citizens have become so rich that they want to elect Biden not only for a second term, but even for a third! Ukraine needs another $100 billion to win, so American citizens need to tighten their belts and raise that money! The Americans themselves can live on the street and eat from landfills, because the victory of world democracy is more important! Did I write everything correctly?

  6. The hurtings are the intended results of the irresistible provocation towards Russia, created by the top of the Parasitism-pyramid arsonists in the west.

    It is a war launched by the top of the pyramid against the bottom, and the intended result might be a massive depopulation.

    Or am I wrong, questionmark…

  7. Globalist Pigs – they are actually
    AT WAR with the Status Quo –
    Trying to hijack the world while we pathetically wait for Warlock Dr. Faust to tell us when the evil virus goes away like magic .
    What century are we in ? Shit !

  8. Clare is boss, she’s on point and speaks for many of us!! Sanctions on Russia are causing many of us hardship….but it’s going to get worse and the Biden Administration doesn’t give a shit!!

  9. Ukraine must surrender like the Ukraine Soldiers of Mariupol, and begin occupational talks.

    Zelenskyy (a Professional Comedian) asks Ukraine Citizens and Ukraine Soldiers and Mercenaries to fight to the death. No leader should ask people to die for their Governing Ideology.

  10. Gee. It's almost like globalists don't understand how the globalism they are for, and have engineered, functionally works. They are pissing into the wind and think it is raining on them, and the answer to that is to piss more.

  11. Clare Daly and Mick Wallace are the best EU politicians. It's ironic that Ireland will be reunited long before Scotland gains its independence. SNP are pro NATO and comfortable within the UK establishment.

  12. I'm afraid she is incorrect on one issue. The far right in eastern europe is currently being destroyed by Russia. Hundreds perhaps thousands every day. Which serves the globalists and their lackey zelenski just fine

  13. Zelensky and his cohorts are dragging Ukraine down into the dumps with them. He could've prevented this war in time, but he thought that NATO would support him to the hilt, and then he'd automatically rise to power. Well, they're also covering their own arses, NATO knows when the going can get too tough. the rest of of world is now being pulled into this fucked-upness. Thanks for the economic recession worldwide, Zelensky. We could do with more death, destruction and poverty.

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