Europeans can’t pay heating bills, ‘huge crisis’ to spark ‘social unrest’? – Willem Middelkoop

Willem Middelkoop, Founder and COO of the Commodity Discovery Fund, talks about the energy crisis in Europe, the potential for more social unrest, and which metals will be in high demand in the future. He spoke with David Lin, Anchor and Producer at Kitco News.

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0:00 – Europe’s energy crisis
11:30 – Economic war and reset
18:20 – Gold
21:51 – New reserve currency?
23:44 – Rare earth minerals and base metals
27:27 – Geopolitical factors
30:31 – Investment implications

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  1. The EU caved in to the pressure of the US to sanction Russia and not agree to Russian pay in rubles. It's the US that dictated the future of Europe, it promised enough natural gas reserves. BS, it's gonna cause mortality rates to increase and chaos. Bravo, once again America meddles with other continents and turns them into a basket case. But yeah, it's all Putin's fault.

  2. Literally ten people protested Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. There was universal support of the visit in Taiwan, and rightly show. Taiwan is a sovereign democratic nation, and a far more healthy society than China, and it deserves Western support just as much as Ukraine.

  3. Don’t worry we are here for you guys in Europe, I have my gas furnace off and just heating using crypto miner rig. 100% carbon free and not using natural gas this winter. Sell my natural gas to Europe instead

  4. The madman’s puppet being Biden, anyone that calls Putin a madman for defending the rights of Russians in eastern Ukraine. Has been brainwashed by the western media. The west wants to destroy Russia it has been publicly stated, and Biden and NATO are using Ukraine as canon fodder. WAKE UP. The west’s rule is ending, this unipolar world will see a polar shift soon. America and Europe’s attack on Russia, China, Iran etc. has not gone unnoticed. The rest of the world is tired of the US and it’s NATO allies bullying the world in the name of democracy. China and Russia will soon be the leaders of the world.

  5. Great analysis Willem as always. However, in regards to the immigration, 95% of people coming to Europe are "immigrants" and NOT "refugees". They are primarily young men from Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan and sub-saharian Africa. They are smuggled by mafia human trafficers and sponsored and supported by EU through countless NGOs. You know it very well that they are not welcomed by vast majority of Europeans!

  6. Putin is winning he will never lose you cannot beat him he has all the cards he won't let himself lose even if he pulls out of Ukraine he still won he has Europe on their knees it's over for them and they did it to themselves

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