Europeans REVOLT Against Green Energy, European Union | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar make sense of the political turmoil happening in Europe as energy prices skyrocket

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  1. the leftists lost the crown jewels, , all the leftists always wanted the united states to follow the example of Sweden, as socialist Sweden was super too cool, looks that the socialist paradise wasn't one , and now Italy is following Sweden,

  2. I live in Spain my electric bill is 4 times then it was this time last year. Green energy is good but you need a good backup. Not rely on another country for your power source.

  3. I still feel you two are failing to talk about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. Government, big oil and big gas are investing heavily into this burgeoning trillion dollar industry. Not only is it a potential for energy independence but it’s an opportunity for conventional fueling that produces zero emissions

  4. I'm European, lived in France, Iceland and now Ireland, have a wife who's Germans and English. The European Union is the best thing that happened to Europe, we have no wars between member countries, you can go love anywhere and get the same social rights allowed to citizens in this countries. There is no revolt happening against the system other than the Brits having left a few years ago now but they were never commited in the first place so it's no surprise. Energy wise the issue isn't about renewable the issue is that countries have individually decided to be dependant on the US and Russia. But electricity wise in Ireland we have more and more of our energy from sustainable means, France has 80 percent from nuclear, Iceland (not EU but Schengen) 100 percent from renewable etc… UK and fracking is because the people don't want fracking because their not crazy!! You guys have a country that doesn't care about its own ppl and that doesn't know anything outside your own culture… Americans view of the world is just that an American centered view of the world…. Proven by your statement on Italy, she is pro Europe they all are, just not pro European immigration (from outside EU) policy, but that's just one policy

  5. As an European its no so much fiscal policy emanating from Brussels, its the complete and utter denial of any sovereignty and individual identity. The leadership of V D Lynn is atrocious .Policy is all over the place, our Taxes are used to fund close/open power plants. We don't know one week from other where our energy is coming from. Price inflation has gone thru roof. It seems as a Tax payer, I'm funding mass immigration and told its great for me, hospitals waiting lists, schools full, housing crisis for EU citizens, our passports handed out like candy. I'm told to keep quiet or Il be labeled a racist (which I'm not).Winter is coming in more ways than one..

  6. Please stick to domestic issues. You really should not report on global issues when you dont even know the names of leaders and institutions. Its a bad look and not informative.

  7. Funny that these western nations don't hesitate to pontificate to poorer nations in Asia/Africa to reduce carbon emission, even at the cost of economic development, but when they're feeling the heat, they change their policy in minutes.

  8. I enjoy watching you two cover US politics, but your (especially Saagar’s) coverage of European news tends to be lackluster at best and rather embarrassing at worst. I would expect this type of shallow analysis and lack of nuance from a tabloid, but not a channel that claims to be revolutionizing news media as we know it. Either bother to do better research on the European topics you choose to present or leave it to those that do.

  9. Prices going up is the result of poor leadership and policies. In a socialist society, like the US where politicians have hijacked economy, prices only benefit the rich and the ruling class. The AOC's, Pelosi's, and more are imposters to freedom, liberalism, and the human race. These people make the MAGA movement look liberal.

  10. thank you for tuning in to this segment of msnwannabe… these two just watch mainstream media and give you their opinion on it & then try to call themselves "independent journalists".

  11. Michigan's entire wind infrastructure consists of about 1500 turbines.
    If these 1500 turbines were all running at once and running at 100% capacity, Michigan's wind turbines output 1/5th the energy the clean coal fired power plant in Monroe Michigan puts out. This is the plant the feds want to close down.
    Mathematics has come to a consensus, wind energy is not ready to power much of anything yet.

  12. I could’ve told you this March 2020. east and west are going to completely separate and as such the green agenda is dead, because you can’t go to war on back of green energy

  13. Well that headline was kind of misleading both regarding the content in the video and what's happening in Europe. I don't see a revolt against green energy here, but there is a desperation to get any kind of energy.

  14. If you guys consider yourselves true Leftists, then you should be against the Green Policies too. They will destroy the poor and working class. If you want to save the environment, invest and not hurt the poor, promote NUCLEAR.

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