Europe’s Collective Suicide EXPLAINED

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  1. RuZZia's economy is collapsing as well! They produce literally NOTHING except their fucking gas! And YES, them may and they WILL lose this war! I don't understand how they can drag it for much longer? They are losing men and hardware and don't have endless supply of neither!

  2. 1 you conflate countries with ruling parties
    2 Europe isnt committing sepukku, our elites sold us
    3 UK and France will face less consequences, they have they're semi sovereign and have their own sphere and power supply. The rest, any who is dependent on Germany, will face the the worst year since WWII

  3. I agree and have said that US needs to push for Ukraine to negotiate since March 22, thanks to analysis by Gonzolo.

    Let go of Donbass and Crimea and Luhansk- they don’t want to be a part of Ukraine . Give them freedom and don’t waste the lives of your people.

    Sadly – part of me thinks the Biden admin enjoys this war for their own purposes and want to keep it going

  4. I'm sorry, but when Putin says that Nato is trying to encroach and subvert Russian sovreignty, I tend to believe it.

    For decades now I have been watching how western countries, governments and NGO's operate. They don't take control over foreign territory through force of arms outright.

    They spend many years, funding and bankrolling foreign activists and insurgents, influencing elections and exporting cultural trends tailored towards their own goals. So when Nato countries feign innocence, I don't believe Nato in the slightest.

    Nato countries has to stop campaigning in other parts of the world and trying to export their ideals of "western democracy" everywhere. Especially in regards to borderline superpowers like Russia.

    Russia has to be allowed to go their own way, without foreign interference from Nato. Keep tabs on them and make sure they don't do anything hostile against the west and reinforce border control, yes.

    But the globalist manipulation attempts of domestic issues inskde lf Russia and it's closest neighbours has to stop. It's this mode of foreign policy that has fuelled and justified Putin's actions, perhaps not in the eyes of the global stage, but definitely in the eyes of the Russian population.

    Russia does NOT WANT lgbt-rights. It does not want mass immigration. It does not want american companies taking over it's domestic markets under the auspices of "free trade".

    The global conquest through trade and activism has to cease, and people need to stick to their own jurisdictions first and foremost.

  5. I love how politicians that made a humiliating mistake always refuse to comment. Laughing at Trump at the UN was typical liberal elite condescension. Karma’s a B!TCH, ain’t it? The other dimwits in Spain are also pissing of Algeria (loaded with gas) so Morocco won’t flood their African enclaves with refugees.

  6. The Ukraine thing is a perfect example that our liberal world elite leaders care more about other liberal world elites politicians than their own citizens. In that way there sort of like the crowned heads of Europe in the old days. All those royal inbreds were related so the reason for the preference was understandable, but the favoritism for a pint sized comedian over the taxpayers is harder to explain.

  7. The only suicide is not naming the small hats who are sending in tens of millions of refugees from their unholy war over our open borders to kill us.
    Africans weren't liberated by civil war to be free, they were liberated to kill us. I love that checkmark you earned there BPS, says a lot about your dishonesty.
    I'm on my 7th channel in the last 2 years, how many channels of yours have been terminated for criticizing those you're not allowed to criticize?
    Carry on, get those shekels, our genocide depends on it!

  8. No, the British empire was over by the time she acceded to the throne in 1952. Still she adhered to the principles of duty to the Commonwealth inculcated into her by her paternal grandmother, her own mother and her tutors since the age of ten when she became the heir.

  9. So instead of Germany being dependent on Russian energy, Trump wanted Germany [and the rest of Europe] become dependent on energy from the US, the World's most oppressive [militarily and economically] and most expansionist Nation since the fall of the British Empire.

  10. Well said Pigeon! London now a great washing machine laundering the dirty money of the globalists and oligarchs – the Russian mafia amongst the customers. BTW, Putin is doing a great job for the WEF and the implementation of the Great Reset. The people of Europe now saddled with debt and doom. Well done Vlad… Klaus thought you well and you once being a young Global Leader of the WEF.

  11. That German woman is a dictator if she is doing what she wants regardless of what the people want. Yeah, dictatorship raises it ugly head again. Amazing that virtue signelling of a leader is more important than the will of the people. Although im all for the EU to be torn apart.

  12. The European Union is led by completely incompetent unelected clerks in Brussels, Belgium. Prime minister of Hungary is the only competent leader. He is against the Russian sanctions, and has secured a 15 year contract for cheap gas from Russia. Von der Leyen will never admit she made a collossal mistake with the Russian sanctions.

  13. HMMMM, sometimes in life, reality sucks and sometimes, well, you just have it coming. You can only pretend reality isn't reality until it bites you in the ass. This whole vid broke down to one paragraph. I'm very happy I came across your channel. The voice of hard truths. ( that has to be known, and thank you for that) Great vid btw, very GREAT for sure!!!

  14. In Norway we have depletet too much of our reserves and there might not be enoungh for us in the coming winter. And then EU countries slander Norway for cutting the export power. So the EU can go F* themselves. The people of Norway never voted to join the union.

  15. The "EU" was the dream of Hitler…. a "United States of Europe". The European Commission’s first president was Walter Hallstein, the Nazi lawyer who, during the war, had been in charge of post-war legal planning for the new Europe.
    Europe has been financially raped by the Banksters and now they are coming after what's left. BTW…they would be the same Banksters that funded both sides in the two World Wars.
    Same as it ever was.

  16. The West will likely lose a world war against China, Russia and whoever decides to join them, although we have the weapons to make that war last at least a decade. Even if DC was nuked, Northcom and the underground (literally) world below us would keep running the show unaffected by nuclear weapons.

  17. We are in trouble during our time. But, our children and children's, children will think everything is normal. We have absolutely zero control over how the future unfolds.

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