EUROPE’S DEMISE? Continent-Wide Protests Decry NATO, EU Energy Policy: Report

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to widespread protests against Europe’s ongoing energy crisis. #EnergyCrisis #EU #EuropeanUnion #nato

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  1. She has no idea what was meant by flattening the electricity curve

    Flattening the curve was mandating/requesting people and business not use energy during peak demand times

    Nothing about bills. Which was a ploy to push it down the road with debt and hope it is someone else’s problem later

  2. It was funny to say government wasn’t the reason for shutting down a company it when violated food safety laws.

    So yes it was government…. But that is ok sometimes when we say it is worth The regulation when it protects the publics interests (or babies’ health and lives etc)

  3. The cost of mwh of electricity went up 20x in Europe, while the cost of gas that electricity is produced from only went up 6x at its peak but is down to 3x now. Something went obviously off the rails

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