Europes Energy Woes Continue, And will Affect the US Economy As Well

Europeans will buy less US products causing more issues for the states also:

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  1. You’re right,… ya gotta use so much butter to mask the bitter, and acrid, rancid, scent and flavor of lobster tail. Frankly, crawfish, smell and taste better than lobster, even. Not saying I won’t eat lobster,.. totally will. It is, indeed, totally overrated, though.

  2. Was listening to another vlog. they were talking about the fact that China is buying up liquefied natural gas and re-selling it as a huge markup to Europe.

  3. Styx a full English breakfast consists of more than a rotten tomato and toast lol.
    You forgot the 7 cups of tea.
    Anyway i am British and a full English consists of sausage bacon fried eggs fried tomato's black pudding hash or chips fried bread toast and a cup of tea.

  4. Most of the Dutch today were born after the 1953 flood. Since 1953, the Netherlands has grown increasingly wealthy and raised two generations of pampered people (their propaganda). The brutally hard work that the Netherlands historically has demanded has melted into its own Truman Show. Now like the rest of us, the Dutch are being forced to wake up a tiny bit.

  5. Be careful about paying for your contracts in advance to fix the price. Many f these companies end up going broke when prices increase and you end up losing your money.

  6. The furniture I bought in FL back in 2010 all came from Vietnam, made out of wood from the Pacific NW! Somehow it was cheaper to ship everything half way across the world and back. Bubba Clinton made that deal and it killed all the furniture manufacturing jobs in the Carolina's….

  7. I think this nation is over, i think once they take the guns they will begin mass Gen0zide for all those evil “Tr&mp Supporters” or “Cl&mate Deniers” whatever group they decide to villify. It’s over.

  8. Perhaps we should observe how well supposedly Green energy is going in China. Relying on supposed renewable sources China is having to turn off the electricity to hundreds of millions of people and a large number of their Manufacturing facilities. European leaders should remember history. Freezing and starving your citizens, staggering inflation and a multitude of other political sins will definitely lead citizens to desire at times drastic changes. The Weimar Republic springs to mind. Commies and Nazis and leftists oh my. Commies and Nazis and leftists oh my. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto.

  9. Sorry Styx, lobster is the bomb. No pretending here, I love it and always have and now my daughter loves it too. A beautiful 2lb steamed lobster with drawn butter, nothing better! You're gonna have to take the L on that one.

  10. If cretin Brandon hadn't screwed the US domestic energy market the world prices would have gone up when Putin did the dirty but it wouldn't have gone plum crazy, thanks Brandon UK owes you a solid 🖕

  11. We only get 4% of gas from Russia anyway, most of the gas is our own from the north sea – the problem is the morons have fouled up the power supply situation so bad that we are burning 57% gas to produce electricity on a quiet summer day. Nuclear is at 85% load capacity and the useless green energy sector is barely pushing over 10% overall input to the grid. They closed all the coal power stations (of which we sit on a 300+ year high quality supply) and replaced them with………… windmills – yeah they really did that.

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