EV Mandates Will RUIN The Middle Class, Lithium Batteries COSTLY & Dangerous: Joel Kotkin

Author of “The Coming of Neo-Feudalism, A Warning to the Global Middle Class,” and presidential fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University, Joel Kotkin, argues that California’s electric car mandates are nothing more than a war on the working class. #Energy #California #electriccars

FILE – California Gov. Gavin Newsom displays a bill he signed that shields abortion providers and volunteers in California from civil judgements from out-of-state courts during a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., June 24, 2022. Newsom is headed to Washington this week, providing him with a national stage to continue his outspoken defense of abortion rights and gun control while lambasting Republican-led states that he sees as a threat to personal freedom and public safety. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

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  1. WEF young activist is to infiltrate and to ruin or brake the institutions they run so that the Reset can happen they are all working in tandem with china and Russia and the alphabet people, it’s to destroy the current model of society

  2. EVS coming down in price. Llothium will fall in price. Million mile batteries. You are uninfirmed. You are our of date. They are not insisting on EVs tiday. Federal funding forvgrid exampsion essential you guestvis either uninformed or more likely a shill for legacy automaker and/or big oil. He doesn't see ANYTHING that is valid.

  3. all policies are made by the highest paying lobbyists for those of you who haven’t figured it .. then they manufactured consent through propaganda been goin on for decades … people are so easily fooled and exploited. Always have been and always will there’s nothing that can be done.

  4. There's a video with someone who made a cheap electric car decades ago. Downside is it can't go that far so it's probably suitable for a particular segment or people or as an additional car for a household.

  5. Look into the procedures of "recycling" (dismantling) a car battery. It is toxic AND very expensive. That doesnt take into account the process needed to MAKE the batteries. While the car doesnt create emissions while in use, it creates more toxic gasses to make and create power to charge. It is 100% a scam. Maybe in the future, it well be viable, but right now, the grids can't handle it as well as it is not environmentally friendly.

  6. The actual goal of pushing EV is to price out the lower class from vehicle ownership. Ending freedom of movement and forcing more of the population into inner cities, a far easier to control populous. Easy to lock down, make people reliant on services they can be locked out of if they have wrongthink.

  7. Robbie describes riding a scooter to work some days and immediately describes it as "insane" (Replacing a car entirely with a scooter, which no one is suggesting.) Why not promote the idea of replacing SOME car trips with other types of transportation? The false choice fallacy keeps popping up in this debate about EVs vs gas cars. Sweet, dumb Robbie is doing something truly practical, but is so fixated on arguing against a total cut over to EV he misses an easy solution to promote.

  8. These lefties are always making enormous mistakes I especially noticed that over the last 2 years they're always making mistakes they're always misjudging situations and opening their mouths and speaking nonsense as if it's a brilliant idea. Sure let's everybody buy an electric car but the problem is most people can't afford it and the technology isn't Advanced enough at this point for it to be feasible for the average working person not to mention the fact that the batteries if they burn out over time cost as much as the car to replace whenever they can get the price of batteries down to a reasonable level or make the battery so that they last 10 years then this is not going to work.

  9. My Democratic Congress person in California refused to help me with my immigration case, which was stuck in a (literal) cave. But I keep getting marketing emails from him about town halls about helping (illegal/undocumented) immigrants. I’m voting for the first time this year and I’ll definitely not be voting for a Democrat.

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