Even Bill Maher Can See How WEAK Joe Biden Is…


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  1. There's no redeeming value to you or anyone else giving this lefty leftover a moment of attention!
    F this blowhard.
    He doesn't get to talk 💩 about us, then cozy up when the 💩 is fixin to hit fan!

  2. Killary Clinton was meant to accelerate all of this when they thought they did enough fraud for her to steal the election in 2016. Trump got in their way but now they are continuing with their plan..

  3. Screw Bill Mahr !!!!!!!!!
    He knew, just like the rest of us that Joe was incompetent !!!!!! Don't let this shill off the hook. He brought this directly to our door !!!!

  4. In 7th grade I was the only one in my math class to get a problem right. When the teacher sent me to the blackboard to explain how I did it, I couldn't remember. I know how old Joe feels, or should feel.

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