Even CNN Acknowledges a Recession is Effectively Already Here

Which means the real scoop must be way worse:

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  1. Never trust a man who says walling off the border does not work and walls are bad But puts up fencing to protect himself. Also has armed security but says guns are bad and refuses to give YOUR children the same armed security for THEIR protection !I would like to see 1 reporter just one ask this question at a press conference… If Biden believes gus are so bad then why does he believe HE should have armed security and why doesn't he walk around without armed security . Also Can Biden explain wgy the majority of gun crime is in the states with the strictest gun laws and why most shootings are in " gun free zones " ! I dare some reporter to ask that !

  2. Can you say "Controlled Demolition" … I called this 4 decades ago when I saw, and worked with commies inserted into the US government, banking, education and the courts, and I'm an economist/trader …. retired now, I planned fairly well, own my home, little debt, a mud room full of food stores, big garden … and I'm making a fortune trading oil/gas and food stocks (for now) … of course those profits/dollar amounts will be worth 60% less due to inflation …. hell, I may even buy some Bitcoin when it goes to 15-20K next week … and I see no way for the Fed to fix this without bankrupting the Treasury via higher rates …. basically we're F'ed … the Zombie Apocalypse will be here by fall … Ranger Up while you can

  3. Anybody else remember the 2012 election, where right before the election the GDP growth for the quarter was "unexpectedly high", and then after the election it was quietly revised down by half? No shenanigans there, and it definitely wouldn't happen again.

  4. What’s so disturbing about all of this is that it was designed and implemented by our own government. Without a revolution of some kind, we are all screwed. 🥴

  5. This isn't that the establishment press is finally relenting and reporting honestly. It's that they have gotten the marching orders to start breaking it to the public so that when all the economic data is collected and reportable, the shock won't hit as hard because we will have been expecting the news. CNN didn't just wake up one day and decide to be journalists.

  6. The great recession. Was about 16 months but real growth was stagnant for almost 5 years. The great recession started mid Dec 2007 and ended I believe spring of 2009. But real growth didn't start till January 2014.

  7. My favourite quote, Jennifer Granholm "That's hilarious". Biden's handlers will engineer an economic apocalypse that us small thinkers can't imagine. These people have skills.

  8. Kamala Harris "When we talk about the children of the community, we are talking about the children of the community". When we talk about a low IQ diversity hire, we are talking about a low IQ diversity hire.

  9. Housing will adjust but not crash because in 2008 it was sub prime derivative bad loans….try to qualify for a property loan today. It’s all cash and high equity investors in housing nowadays….so recession is here but I think if 22 and 24 switch guards, we should be Ok….I am a big defender of real estate investment and capitalism.

  10. I would agree with Styx, the puppet masters behind Biden are certainly more malevolent than incompetent; however, the people they hire are usually cringe leftoids who are out of touch with reality, those lower levels are usually too incompetent to carry out their messaging/optics very effectively.

  11. The global elites are starting to realize that populism will eventually ruin their plans for complete world domination. So now their plan b is to completely destroy the world economy. This will create so much poverty that it causes everyone to divert their attention to just surviving. At that point the populists will have almost no chance of being successful in ousting the globalists from power.

  12. It's a hangover from the bank bail out. Government said it would take 50 years to pay the bail out off. That's without any further recessions or natural disasters & hoping for continued growth gdp,

  13. The housing bubble crash will definitely happen and as much as I hate the backlash that would happen I'd have a certain amount of schadenfreude of watching all the assholes from California that moved her to Tennessee and bought up all the houses at inflated prices screwing me out of buying a home and screwing up the demand for apartments. I want to see them panic and cry and go bankrupt for causing their own apocalypse then buy a house at a normal price or reduced as they foreclose.

  14. The Federal reserve is forcing a recession on purpose to fight the inflation boogyman. They are slamming on the brakes and I think it will slow much faster than they anticipated. The Fed will not allow a depression, they'll just print more money soon as cracks in the stability of the economy start showing up.

  15. You know this is the thing is I've seen here in central Ohio a lot of employers dropping wages,
    I seen jobs that they had advertised a couple of months ago for like 16 to $19 an hour that are now being advertised for 12 and 13.50 an hour on a good day you might get $14.30 an hour!

    So it's like basically the employers are betting that things really are going to get worse and so they're trying to go with the concept that they're going to offer less money now and then eventually everybody will be forced into taking it…

    I think that's going to backfire because people including managers are walking off the job left and right it no longer pays them I mean here in central Ohio you got the ghetto now demanding literally 12 and 1,400 a month rent the vast majority of jobs do not support that currently what the hell do you think that's going to be going forward?

    Frankly I think that the past couple of years has really woke a lot of people up people got the biggest taste of being with their families their kids whatever and they want that back…

    And then I think a lot of people who left the traditional retail job they ran off to things like instacart and doordash they got a taste of being their own Boss they got a taste of actual time off when they want it the only thing that's really going to hurt those guys and it's already having an effect it's simply the gas prices…

    But you know there's been a lot of things turned on that you're not just going to turn off!

    On the other hand one thing that I have said for pretty much a decade to counter those with a work ethic dick wag propaganda spiel,
    Has been that it's not laziness the people don't want to go to work people are just sick and tired of the bullshit they're tired of everything ranging from office politics to all of these ignorant stupid metrics they've got to keep an eye on I mean you just can't go be a simple cashier anymore you got to go through all this crap and then the company wants you to push the damn credit card and then they set a quote of how many credit cards you need to sign people up for a week and if you don't they practically want to fire you I mean you're living in constant fear of the job that alone makes you fucking hate it!

    I mean it's just to the point where I think people are just plain burnt the hell out on chasing after never enough money especially as they see the cost of living go up to 100% in the past 2 months you know people still talk about hyperinflation coming I got news for you it's already fucking here!

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