Even CNN Host Is Shocked by How Bad Biden’s Approval Ratings Have Gotten | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Jake Tapper of CNN looking distressed by the latest Biden approval rating numbers as most Americans blame Joe Biden for the tanking economy. Meanwhile, Tiffany Cross of MSNBC’s Cross Connection is busy spreading conspiracies about the midterm elections because only crazy people wouldn’t vote for Democrats.


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Written by The Rubin Report

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  1. It’s too late for CNN and MSNBC they carried water for Biden too long. Honest coverage Biden may have moved to the center before doing so much damage, they didn’t so they own their part in our national misery.

  2. These fake news media pukes know the people don't support them either, so they're trying to make it appear they've discovered what real journalism is and are willing to throw darts at Brandon's portrait. But long ago we figured these bean bags out. We won't watch them. We don't believe them – even when they happen to get it right. They have treated us like stupid sheep. There's no recovering from this for them.

  3. Every person and their mother, from Democrat to Republican, from young to old, is universally saying this economy is trash. Biden's poll numbers have been atrocious for the past year and are getting worse by the month. Yet… you turn on the news media, and everyone is praising Joe and blaming Republicans. Just goes to show how purposefully out of touch the media is with every day people.

  4. CNN will start to cover its ass since the failure of the CNN+ it knows the public is not tuning in to them anymore & what it has for anchors are a joke of piss ant opinions not any news or truths

  5. CNN isn't becoming honest at newsreporting. They've simply concluded the obvious: Biden is incompetent and will drag the progressive left into the toilet. So they're repositioning themselves to back another radical socialist to follow Biden. Nothing more.

  6. So only 5% say the "coronavirus" is the most important issue facing this country, yet no one seems to be talking about the fact that Biden just EXTENDED THE "STATE OF EMERGENCY" ANOTHER 90 DAYS, past July 15! Which means until October 15…which conveniently is right around the start of "the flu season." Gee, wonder what's going to happen then? Will he end the "state of emergency" finally? Hmm……

    Makes you wonder if the only reason no one's gotten him out is because those next in line would be even worse.

  7. Imagine what Biden's approval would be if the news media went after him like they did to Trump? Because the media was relentless and vicious day in and day out during Trump's term. Actually it started during the transition period, and they never stopped. Biden doesn't have to worry about that, he'll never be treated like Trump. He's got it made by comparison and his approval is still in the toilet. That also tells you how good a President Trump was.

  8. Haven’t read any of the comments yet but here is my take. It’s all apart of the plan. They will ditch Biden a few months before the midterms and bring in some celebrity. Michelle Obama would fit that bill.

  9. There is no doubt in my mind that the 2020 election was fraudulent! Joe Biden is terrible at even pretending to be president! Back several years ago, it didn't matter so much if a Democrat, Republican, or Independent became president. The country was governed for the people, not the other way around. But now, it's literally a train wreck! Even if Biden were legitimately elected, his only objective is to completely destroy America and all we stand for He actually declared that he was going to overturn all of Trump's policies that were for the good of America. Why would we have voted for this destruction? At this point, it doesn't matter who won! We need Joe Biden and all these America haters to go! With Trump back in power, we will have energy independence restored, we will complete the border wall to prevent illegal crossing. If not Trump, someone who will reinstate the policies that will Make America Great Again!

  10. Democrats focus on "racist" voter id laws (even though voter id is supported by the majority of the black community). Racism is the stick they use continuously to blame every ill that impacts minority communities. If they lose the mid-terms it will be because of racism.

  11. and i am shocked that i still have to listen to this, and i am shocked that wladimir putin is allied with woke powers like Iran though he seriously thinks that zelinski is a woke jew like bill maher once was and ron steward still is

  12. If you Americans can't get over it and it's always "they" on both sides, you're lost. When the fuck are you going to start pulling together to solve problems? You make yourself look ridiculous.

  13. Don't know how he or anyone could be surprised by Biden's approval rating honestly, those numbers are even a lie! If I had to guess his real approval rating is likely in the low teens!

  14. Bumbling Biden's administration doing what they can to mislead their sheep why they lost & telling them to have another January 6th , inciting Sedition before Trump gets back in the Big chair & saves America

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