Even CNN Is ROASTING Joe Biden Over This!!


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  1. Name one time when Biden said anything that showed one ounce of respect for the american people. Name one time he said anything that assumed the voter was anything but an serf. I won't hold my breath.

  2. Biden and the Democrats are guilty of political malpractice
    They have no clue what you’re doing they lie constantly and they don’t care that they’re harming the American people with their policies and their actions
    We need to flush the damn toilet already it’s stinks

  3. Has anyone noticed how Obama has completely disappeared from Joe Biden altogether you don't even hear or see of him anymore calling the shots from behind the curtains so to speak even he is embarrassed beyond belief and he was the worst president until now

  4. I totally agree with the people on this panel that you can't just redefine what a recession is because it's politically convenient, and I would really respect them for saying that if I thought any of them could give me a definition for "woman."

  5. CNN is merely trying to cover their ass. They should have been shut down permanently during the first Gulf War when they were broadcasting our troops positions to the world

  6. Or… They're doing what they've done, they're doing as told, act like they all the sudden "care", and with the new "ownership" they're going to "fair". Yeah right!! They're getting ready to sacrifice their "leader" and try to reestablish them as "credible" to lead us right into our nations faceplant!! Evil doesn't change, they just switch tactics, vantage points!! Evil is as evil will do!! Be blessed and pray!!

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