Even CNN’s Jake Tapper Realizes This GOES TOO FAR. Democrats Grant Voting Rights to 1M Non-Citizens!


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  1. Illegals know more about our government then 90% of Americans and you think they will vote Dem, wrong.
    They wont vote for a system they are running from.
    They make you think they will vote Dem, then when dems win it's the illegals that pushed the win, wrong, it's the fraudulent people making Dems win.

  2. Democrats need to be made illegal.

    If you are stupid enough to vote for a democrat, that in itself should be grounds for incompetence and reason to lose your Right to vote.

  3. See you ever wonder why what happen actual US citizens use ammo box na we just listing to people example: Tim Pool "use peaceful and resourceful protests: hope y'all ready that Sope box and Vote box is running out hard Ammo box ended up as last resort till Demos get full control of entire country

  4. So, when are we going to stop being cowards? We are so weak and pathetic, we are ALLOWING them to do this. We are leaving this mess to our children. I hope y'all are proud. Our ancestors fought for what we are just allowing them to take. We are the biggest joke on the planet.

  5. Is there anyone naive enough to think these non-citizens will only be voting in city elections? New York City just minted 1,000,000 new democrat votes for federal elections out of thin air.

  6. What other countries / states – provinces / towns – territories already allow this type of amnesty of immigration just for voting? I'm really curious to know how many other areas allow this?

  7. …dont be fooled by Jake Tapper and CNN's reporting on this topic, this is are right on cue with what they started in Jan 2019, they're reporting this now because the mid-term elections are coming up, just remember this, "If it's on CNN, you know is a goddamn lie"…

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