Even Janet Yellen Thinks Bidenflation Will Last Well Into 2022… Stock Up NOW!



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  1. My nephew works for an OTC drug company-vendor to Wallyworld in Bentonville. Walmart is chewing their * for more goods that they want. But as he noted they had a container ship in Philadelphia that has been there since Oct. 5th…he is in the logistic section and the bottleneck is on each shore, not just LA and Long Beach

  2. Hard lesson for all those union workers that were promised a job in the energy sector, but a lesson nonetheless. Hopefully it sticks and teaches them a lesson.

  3. I'll see about doing what I can. My family spends a lot of money and has a limited income (there are seven of us living off of two real incomes and two rather minimal ones) along with a LOT of health issues (lots of old people). For me, I just don't have the money to scrimp and scrounge. But, if that's what needs to be done, I suppose we'll cut where we can.

  4. What will happen is that the Republicans will come in after winning in 2022, and then they'll fix the economy. Then Joe Biden will quickly claime it was all him. Just like Clinton claimed the economy after the Republicans under Newt Gingrich fixed the budget.

  5. Everything is basically going up in price over here in Croatia. What part of the price inflation is due to the Covid lockdowns and what part is due to the NA economy, is anyone's guess (at this time).

  6. Biden for prison. Get this damn clown out and the rest of his shitshow cabinet. All of them deserve to rot in prison for the rest of their lives for doing what they have done.

  7. I'm sick of all this bullshit
    And I see a nation of cowards
    Not willing to stand up to
    1. a stolen election
    2. Tyranny
    3. Communism
    4. A fake news media.

    Why ?
    What are you Afraid of
    You are being ABUSED, right now

    How long will YOU put up with this abuse?

    Asking for a friend

  8. Bidenburgs will be the new Hoovervilles, consisting of, vans, cars, tents, and RVs replacing the wooden and corrugated steel shacks of the first great depression, these numbers will continue to increase daily from what already exist. Another beautiful day in Brandon's America.

  9. Also don't ignore the benefit of FASTING. We get into medical talk potentially here so look it up. If you can get by w one or two meals a day cheaper. Plus constant insulin spikes (as in snacking) are not good for the body. Look at Thomas DeLauer's channel for more on that.

  10. I didn’t know this about MRE’s. Also inflation never goes away. It just builds over time which is why our dollar is a fraction of what it was worth 50 years ago and 100 years ago. It happens over decades so people grow up thinking the prices they pay for things is normal. A rule of thumb I use while watching old TV shows from the early 60’s is to multiply prices or wages they mention by 10. That means whatever you could buy in 1963 for 50 cents costs $5 now. Think of it like the price of gasoline. A gallon then cost 10% of what you pay now. McDonald’s then a fairly new unknown hamburger chain advertised hamburgers for 60 cents. What do you pay now? In reality it’s not the numbers. It’s how much time it takes working to make a certain amount of money. In 1963 if you made $2 an hour that was a good wage. In 1950 if you made $100 a week you were well off. Some things now are far cheaper like the relative cost of a TV set in 1950 and now. It’s really the essentials like food, clothing and shelter that keep rising the most. Whereas you might adjust prices by 13X times from 1950 to now but the price of housing has risen 40X and more. Higher education has hit the stratosphere. So university students are saddled with debt they can never pay off. So inflation is multi generational and never goes away. The government just prints higher denominations of money as the money progressively becomes more and more worthless.

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