EVEN MSNBC SLAMS Pelosi’s Defense Of Insider Trading | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the surprising comments made by MSNBC pundits that expressed criticism over Nancy Pelosi’s justification of insider trading by members of congress

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  1. Other than click-bait for this channel, nothin' is going to happen.
    Never does.

    I say repeatedly, I applaud you two for beating the drums of corruption and lawlessness in politics and corporate America. And kudos to everyone that views and comments…but nothin' gonna happen….

  2. Pelosi deserves a FastPass to the front of the line for a ride on the Old National Razor at the Six Flags over Robespierre theme park. Enjoy La monte-à-regret, Nancy. Your husband, too. I'll weave the basket….

  3. Nancy is above the law. After all she wrote the law to protect her inside trading activities. You can blow the whistle as much as you like but those in power hold the keys to the jail. Politicians are immune from conflicts of interest.

  4. How is this possible ? Like seriously, how can someone that powerful and also someone who claims to be a champion for us the people?? Come on!!? I was soo dumb years prior to today, I actually thought when Nancy pelosi was ripping up trumps speech on the house floor and talking about how “corrupt” trump was, that I truly thought she was serious and clapped for her!! Hahaha I am laughing at myself right now. Well, I guess I am happy that I have eyes and am not a msnbc pathetic cheerleader who even with this news still cheers for Nancy and others

  5. I give breaking points a ton of credit for showing these ppl for the hacks that they are, but more importantly- even though msnbc did show this, they showed this for a whole 5-6 minutes segment in the middle of the day … the same day they ran January 6th coverage for 16 hours out of 24 hours in a day but ran this for the 5-6 minutes and never said another word about it ??! I hated trump, but now I am noticing more and more that the people who were saying trump is corrupt and a “attack on democracy” arr the same exact people who made millions and millions of dollars by screwing us for decades are repeating the trump stuff every day for 5 years now ?! It’s strange how a guy who was in power for 5 years and was under a microscope for every word he said for every day of him in power is the downfall of the country but these people are literally career politicians who have made themselves millions and hundreds of millions and they are the hero’s ?! Wow

  6. But yet more fuck up ting democrats do is more they get kyrstal vote,nerve of these two playing like they don’t support Nancy,it amazes me these people is reason y country in inflation by they “is not a vote for Biden but vote to get trump out”bullshit that they who did that all sudden not democrats no more or telling u after Biden flop dem it now “the two parties don’t care”

  7. What did you think? That Pelosi is all for term limits as well? LOL This is corruption in the highest order and these politicians NEED to me brought down. They can make policies but the people should be making policies FOR THEIR role in our government. Checks and balances, remember?

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