Even Obvious Push Polls Can’t Hide Bidens Approval Slump

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  1. Voting is irrelevant, theylle just "fortify" it again. We have one party rule under a violent enemy that has goal but destruction. Nobody will do anything about it, so why care?

  2. Biden's approval could not be in the sixties because only about forty percent of the people who voted did so for him. I would believe that nearly seventy percent disapprove of his performance currently.

  3. The big problem with conservative commentators is they believe, that liberals will all of a sudden start using logic and reasoning, when it comes to politics. Liberals stay fixed on mainstream media, and don't watch videos like the one above. When liberals were screaming "Anybody but Trump!", I asked many of them about Biden, and all they knew was Biden was the Vice President to Obama, and that includes the volunteers of Biden. In other words: Just because you know something don't assume other people know it as well.

  4. SCIENTIFIC FACTS: Either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will be the next President, and America is fucked. The US will collapse before 2043, because of the left-wing new liberal mindset.

  5. Polls are just another way to manipulate and lie to gullible people, the Polling companies lost any real credibility when the Clinton's showed up a long while ago. Now if they could just exit stage left.

  6. You'll explain what's going on? It's called FRAUD. All the covid numbers are fraudulent. Biden's numbers are fraudulent. I GUARANTEE you his approval is in the 30s.

  7. Your point? Nobody cares about Biden. And why is it that no matter where I access your content, I have to suffer through your whining about YouTube? It annoying. GTFOH then.

  8. Still trying to figure out why Blue states have some of the most "voter suppression" rules in place than the red states. Rhode Island requires photo ID. Delaware bans mail in votes and requires reasons for absentee voters. Another do as we say, not as we do.

  9. Well here in commie canada Trudeau is pushing mail in ballots for our possible snap election election in the fall. What happened to north america and fair elections!! And the average person doesnt see what's going on.

  10. This is off-topic, but humor me for a moment please. Am I wrong or is this whole Juneteenth holiday a major mis-step by the Dems? Couldn't it become a day of MAGA rallies across the country? Speakers at these rallies could publicly thank the Dems for acknowledging and commemorating the legacy of the Republican Party's historical efforts to free the slaves and fight for freedom more generally. They could also thank the Dems for honoring the memory of the many freedom-loving Republicans who were slain by Democrats during the Tulsa Race Riot. The entire day could be reframed as an event that explicitly celebrates the patriotic, multi-racial history of the Republican party, and as a national day of repentance for the Democratic Party in which they annually admit and mourn their historical ties to slavery and the klan. Just a thought. Spread it around if you like the idea.