Even Pollsters Are SHOCKED Biden Beat EVERY Bellwether Metric, City, And State Predicting Trump Win

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  1. The question isn't if they cheated. The question is if anything will come of it. Will they be held accountable? I don't think so. Histroy has shown they never are. Get mad but we all know nothing will happen no matter how much you rub the worlds nose in it. Hopefully I'm wrong.

  2. Even many democrats don't believe Biden beat Obama numbers and got the most votes of all time.

    It's like they cheated and wanted to just barely put him over, but Trump did so well that they had to go overboard.

  3. Why the hell is it even possible for people to lose votes in a drawer or something.. I used to work at a bank and if your final dollar count was off by even PENNIES you had to stop, count again, have a coworker help you locate the discrepancy, etc.. and that was done literally every day, for every bank teller drawer, and the overall vault.

    Yet in the ultra important democratic election, some guy can just drop a memory card in their car or something and we lose 2k votes in a county. It's absurdly poorly managed. And all of the methods that could be used to verify results are intentionally difficult to trace (the signature envelopes are separated, they want to wipe the machines while results are still contested for some reason, etc.)

  4. Sam Harris is a big part of how I became a trump voter in 2016. I had a lot of respect for Sam back then and I heard him talking about how bad Trump was – mostly just stuff like "clown who will have his finger on the button" type insults. I thought, "Well, Sam must have seen something I haven't." So I started watching "worst-of" type Trump videos to really get to the dirt as quickly as possible. Not only did I not see anything to justify Sam's outrage about Trump, I actually liked what I was seeing. I lost all respect for Sam as things progressed – especially after Trump had won and his policies actually improved my own quality of life, yet Sam was still frothing over how evil he was.

  5. Let’s not forget the live video of Biden saying and I quote “ We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Who remembers him saying that, and they say he took it out of context. I think not.

  6. The largest growth in voter history, that was considered EPIC was in 2008 Obama's first election.. when he activated the Black vote like never before.. and that was 8 million new voters.. In this election in order for both candidates to have broke records for most votes.. 31 million new voters had to have turned out.. NOPE!!! That DID NOT HAPPEN!! I'm sorry. This election goes against.. Common sense, Logic and Critical Thought.. Generally the easiest answer is usually the right one.. So is it possible that all the statistical data was wrong for the first time ever at the same time? Or is it more possible they cheated?

  7. Also.. they say we don't have the time.. Make the time or you won't have a country left to worry about votes in the future.. Civil War will break out.. So MAKE the time or deal with the consequences. If they're dumb enough to let this go.. they deserve to be overthrown..

  8. How come no one on the left has mentioned how good it is that this has "started an important conversation"? Is that a privilege on perpetrators of Faux Hate Crimes get to enjoy?