Even the Lamestream Media Admits: Trump is Manhandling Biden in the First Digital Election


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  1. I suspect the debates will be digital largely because the only chance they have at a coherent Biden is if they take advantage of deep fake technology and have someone digitally pulling the strings on digital puppet Biden

  2. I would like to make a remark: lots of people watching Biden are not watching him because they are his supporters or his followers. Like me, they watch just to see what stupid things he says again; I know it’s cruel to say, but it’s a form of entertainment at this point with him. And not necessarily seeing him failing but to see how media covers all up believing that we are all blind and stupid.

  3. I do not believe for one minute that Biden has any supporters. He has been rejected by the electorate 3 times for president. Why would they accept him now? Biden's campaign is all manufactured and fake. His manipulators are trying to drag him over the finish line by hooks or crooks. Why do you think Democrats and brainless AOC are pushing for Mail in voting? In the 2018 18 millions mail in voting ballots just disappeared. 3 weeks after the voting closed Democrats suddenly found extra ballots favouring democrats of course. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED.

  4. A vote for Biden is actually a vote for his running mate — or his wife Jill who will be the second coming of Edith Wilson (Mrs. Woodrow Wilson)

  5. Are you surprised? Biden obviously has less than a year to live. He reminds me of my old neigbour with dementia. That does not make Trump good. Being able to beat up a cripple does not make you strong. Why the democrats would think Biden is a good choice is beyond my understanding.

  6. I find it extremely hard to vote for Trump because I can't stand him but I equally repudiate Democrat Socialism which is what Democrats are. I can vote Libertarian but I know its a Loser. Ill check back in 2024.

  7. Joe Biden has the energy and enthusiasm of a South American sloth on a steady drip of morphine!!! As for President Trump closing GITMO, I totally see him doing that in his second term around year 2. With the endless distractions he's been fighting up hill against this term, it's a miracle he got anything done and yet he still accomplished more than almost every other president in that same amount of time. That speaks volumes!!!

  8. Democrats are going to do whatever they can to avoid those debates and will do whatever they can to make sure it’s mail in voting so they can really get an edge with the voting fraud

  9. What’s going to hurt trump the most are these supposed trump supporters now blaming HIM for democrats & experts wanting to stay closed forever . Trump can’t force them to open w/o them fighting it back even more & prob successfully impeached for not listening to “experts” that said I hope trump starts taking more economy & moving forward because the plan was NEVER to do this for two years when there’s finally a vaccine

  10. Dems have no Choice!
    A few hundred Rubles of Facebook Ads compelled Millions of Dems to Vote Republican against their Will in 2016. Nothing has changed.

  11. I’m going to repeat this quote again: “Joe Biden is like having a flashlight with dying batteries in it and going for a long hike in the woods at night. You just know things aren’t gonna work-out too well.”

  12. I have disagree with you. Bidens low interest digitally is his strength. Because the more people that watch him the less That would vote for him. Most people that will vote for him are going to do so because of name recintion, link to obama, his is the democratic nominee and/or because he is not Trump. If these people actually watched him they would shocked at how bad he really is and wouldn't vote for him.

  13. Shelter in place is working for #ByeDone
    #Trump was king of the political rally. #Covid19 has completely deflated THAT balloon.
    Very effin' convenient pandemic so far. It ALSO killed the economy, which was also working for #Trump
    It's almost like they picked the worst thing in their rolodex-of-sh1t and said: "It's our last hope, let's run with it."

  14. #ByeDone = Placeholder
    They have an October surprise up their sleeves which they can slip in at the 11th hour. There probably won't even be time for debates, thus eliminating any 'tv debate victories' for Donald. These Dimwits are effin' devious, never forget it. This is why, come November, ya gotta get out and vote, and vote red.