Evergrande Collapse to Crush Aussie Economy

#Evergrande #Recession #HeiseSays
Will the Evergrande collapse crush the Aussie Economy?


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  1. The simple solution is to get Project Iron Boomerang up any running, using ships to move iron ore and coking coal from east to west and back. Produce steel ingots and find other buyers. So the sales of iron ore and coking coal, bought locally, will give some breathing space for DFAT to find steel buyers else where.

    If they add a massive domestic build program to it, which we desperately need, in excess of a $1 trillion need for our infrastructure to catch up, we can side step it all.

    Instead they'll pump money in the finance sector and bring more migrants.

  2. AUSTRALIA'S single minded health policy rhetoric has not only heralded a problem that does not exist, it has ignored problems that we needed to solve to avoid disaster…….

  3. <Amazing content Bitcoin. moving up is inevitable and would see the price of bitcoin surpass it's all-time highs. the reversal was imminent because obviously, the bitcoin market needed a correction to gather the right momentum to give the bulls more steam and this just makes it the perfect time to invest and accumulate as much as possible. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. I remain very bullish on the Bitcoin network long-term, due to the fundamentals being stronger than ever.

  4. green energy crap is just like the monorail bullshit on the simpsons, our government fell for the monorail crap just like on the simpsons we have one in sydney that no one uses, now we are putting battery trams and solar and wind everywhere, monorail, monorail, monorail. green energy, green energy, green energy lol hahaha bullet trains in china is the monorail crap all over again just on a massive scale, same with them building things no one uses, thats a massive scam thats coming to bite the chinese in the bum, we have a battery tram in newcastle that stuff all people use and it also has to do pointless trips just to charge the batteries, buses have got caught on the lines as well, and we had a train line already that they removed to put in a battery tram

  5. Sooo! All these immigrants from other countrys have more money than the Aussie bleeder.
    So the poor immigrant is richer and able to buy up our inflated houses. Where are they going to work?( in the mines) or k f c or a coffee shop.
    Oh wait they have all gone broke! If they ran away from their own country i must have paid well because they can buy a two bedder in Sydney for $1.5 mill and still pay it off and live better than where the came from.Makes sense to me?
    Most of Ozz is in so much debt paying off the house they are one pay cheque away from disaster.

  6. And do not forget we are going GREEN. We are scrapping all petrol and diesel engines, and jet fuel and going electric. YAAAA,
    So we are all going to line up at a power point and plug in.( for two hours) But wait! No power, no coal.
    Add the cost of putting power outlets all over the country will send our Carbon use to the moon.
    Please look up definition of Greeny in the revised dictionary. STUPID.

  7. Certainly the only thing more useful to humanity than conservation of resources is building apartment blocs pre-destined to be blown to smithereens.
    Foreign investors are going to take this in the wallet. Joie Joie.

  8. embodied energy in solar panels looks pretty good to me.
    Just over 1 year to produce all the embodied energy, then 10-25 years of so called green production.
    Check out an article in the renew-magazine. I am sure there are legit studies elsewhere as well.

  9. We need WATER you dumb greeny rumour has it they are turning the heating off in parliament and All state governments turning off all air con and heating in All government 0ffices and schools as they are serious about the enviroment.
    And all pollys and hanger oners are not flying home every friday. All those that voted Green are doing the same.
    YES i am dreaming. Do you really think hanson young and the rest will do that???? NaaaH.

  10. Here’s some clickbait for you ! Are Danazians the dumbest people on the planet 🌎 ! Yep ! By miles ! however it needs to be proven ! Easy ! Release the numbers to start and then it gets more laughable ! OK – let’s go ~

  11. This is even more reason to vote out Scomo who has done very little to advance Australia in other ways besides fossil fuels. I feel Australia is being left behind in renewables, with reforms needed in the electrical poles and wires to cope with renewable energy, fuel emissions reforms, wind down of diesel fuel subsidies, advancement of electric vehicles etc – this is where growth, jobs, and advancement are going to come from.

  12. < Bitcoin looks like a slight correction to around 40-45k has a high probability before next impulsive wave. kim also mentioned it could dip to around 45-55k Between the two TA I'm guessing the dip will finalize over the next 2-3 weeks. But looking like 70k shortly after. If it's anything like the past it'll top off at the end of the year maybe Dec, Still got a couple of Alt coin i believe will 10x, I have cashed out most of my Alt coin, made over half a million dollars this year, All the other alts are competing with each other, they are more centralized, and the majority of them are not completed projects. I cant believe it when i hear people selling their btc for alts lol, although I was able to make 8b TC in just November from implementing trades with tips and info from Edwards….

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