Evergrande Exposed A Problem 10X Worse! | Chinas Housing Bubble

Evergrande Exposed A Problem 10X Worse! | Chinas Housing Market Bubble

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  1. the thing i don't get it is and this is from a western stand point. if you own a property and can't rent it out that means you are losing money on maintenece, taxes, and all the other things rent pays for. So does the real estate value increase that much that it off sets all the expenses of owning property in China?

  2. This is what happens when you let a country be run by corrupt greedy imbeciles with mental capacity of a 8 year old (and thats being generous, been in China for a long time, common sense is as rare as basic manners these parts).

  3. Who gives a shit ?!?! I'm sick of humans. Money and power is that all that counts ? The entire humanity is living on a little grain of sand that's floating around in space. We have no other place to go, but meanwhile we keep on destroying the only home humanity has …. And for what ?

  4. Karma's a bitch, then she takes all your money. Every dollar they disrupted, will be back. How many trillions were lost to covid=their lost$$$…live by the sword, you die by the sword. Bitcoin is next to fall.

  5. As far as I know, based on information from ADVChina, this market lives by increasing. If it slows down even by 10%, it's dead as people will only buy if they know they can resell for a profit. It's not just their own money they invest, it's also hefty mortgages which have extreme interest payments – but again, selling for a profit will cover the mortgage payments as well.
    I think that we are seeing a bubble which has been growing slowly, silently and secretly for decades starting to burst – and if housing construction stops, so does much of heavy industry. If heavy industry slows, so will medium industry which delivers tools and intermediate products such as steel. So will Light industry delivering protective clothing, shoes and hard-hats. And so on, you get the picture.
    They won't have any blackouts anymore, so that may be seen as a plus.

  6. It's not a ponzi scheme. Real estate has value. In a ponzi scheme, the seller tricks people into buying something of little or no value, and the profit is derived from recruiting other buyers. That's not applicable in buying and selling real estate. Real estate is already an asset. You're just using the term in order to rile up your viewers.

  7. A further problem for China. Government revenue comes largely from land sales. With a decline in demand there will be a reduction in government income- so less income to pay the debt out of.

  8. So, the China Communist Party will scream racism, if people were allowed to actually OWN their property and have a free market capital system they would not be preparing for War, war to distract the people from the real problem:Maoist Communusm and CCP.

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